‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Buzzy Cohen Reveals Part of Role That He Was ‘Most Nervous’ About

by Jon D. B.

Jeopardy! icon  Buzzy Cohen says Alex Trebek‘s favorite part of the show was also what made him super nervous before filming.

As his guest-hosting tenure for Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions airs, Buzzy Cohen is keeping Jeopardy! fans up to date via Twitter. His latest post serves up a healthy dose of behind-the-scenes honesty, as Cohen details what had him most nervous before his first time hosting the show.

His reveal comes as a bit of a shock, however. Named “Mr. Personality” by Alex Trebek himself, one would think Buzzy the most personable of all Jeopardy! contestants. Like the rest of us, though, the guest host’s nerves were on fire at the thought of improving banter with contestants in front of a nationwide audience.

“Before I had hosted, the contestant interview part was something I was most nervous about, but it ended up being so much fun,” Cohen reveals Thursday. “@Jeopardy contestants [are] interesting people and it ended up being so easy and fun talking to them!”

We’re not surprised, Buzzy! The guest host retweeted his show’s latest contestant update from the Tournament of Champions which shows off his bantering skills. “Meet today’s contestants: Mackenzie, Kevin, and Ben!” Jeopardy! lauds, and Cohen delivers within. By all accounts, “Mr. Personality” is a natural. Hopefully his recording stint as guest host instilled a bit more confidence in a man who absolutely has much to be confident over.

‘Jeopardy!’s Buzzy Cohen

Jeopardy! fans have much faith in the all-star regardless, with many hoping he’d guest host the show after the tragic death of Alex Trebek. Cohen, however, wasn’t on the original roster of mainline Jeopardy! guest hosts.

Then, when 2021’s Tournament of Champions was announced with Buzzy as host, fans were ecstatic. None was more ecstatic than Cohen himself, though.

Buzzy himself is the 2017 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions Winner. He’s also the J! All Stars Captain according to his Twitter bio, and he’s absolutely delighted to be hosting the tournament. One of his biggest fans, his nephew, is in on the jubilation, too.

“Same emotion when I found out I was hosting @Jeopardy #TournamentOfChampions,” the champ posted to Twitter April 15. Within is a video from his sister of his nephew, who’s reaction to “Uncle Buzzy” hosting Jeopardy! is priceless:

What a fan to have! Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions is airing now – May 17 thru 28, so don’t forget to tune in and root for your favorites!