‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber Admits He Was ‘Definitely’ Nervous At First

by Matthew Memrick

This week’s Jeopardy! guest host, David Faber, admitted his game show job was “definitely” nerve-wracking at first.

The CNBC financial journalist and market news analyst will ask the questions and pace the show this week in pre-recorded episodes.

In Faber’s exclusive guest host interview released by Jeopardy!, he talked about being nervous on the show and how challenging the role was. His comments about his nerves begin around the 2:50 mark below.

“I was [nervous],” Faber said. “Certainly the first time. I don’t get nervous anymore, thankfully in front of a TV camera. Maybe for a sitdown with the president or something like that.”

Faber said he had practiced with friends for the show, setting up a fake competition at his home. He admitted it wasn’t intense and that with the pizza and beer, the group felt great to get out amid the pandemic.

Watching a lot of past Jeopardy! episodes with Alex Trebek also was key to his preparation.

“But I was definitely feeling the nerves initially,” Faber said. “Because it’s new. And something new always gets you going. But then I sort of calmed down.

Dubbed “The Brain” by CNBC co-workers, Faber is a journalist for the channel with more than 30 years of experience. Also, He’s written three books. When he got the opportunity to work toward a permanent host gig for the show, he jumped at the chance.

He knew it was a huge opportunity.

“I wanted to be really good” Faber related. “That was the main thing.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber Shook Nerves After Other Hosts

He said he had the contestants in mind because of the importance of playing the game and the seriousness in coming to the show.

“I wanted to establish a rhythm,” Faber said. “I wanted to be good for the contestants.”

Faber went on to say that was his paramount concern.

Last week, actor LeVar Burton was the guest host. Before Burton, television news personalities George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts took their shot at hosting the show. After Faber, Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck will take the reins next week.

Faber said watching the show and being the host became a mental challenge he overcame in his mental preparation.

“And I started to understand it. When you think about it as ‘Oh my God, I’m going to stand there and do that.’ And then when you actually come and try. It’s not easy. That’s the fun, right? That’s life.”

Faber was a past Jeopardy! Power Players tournament winner in 2012. He went up against NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Fox News host Dana Perino to win $50,000.

When he was named to the pool of guest hosting candidates, he tweeted that he was the least well-known of the group but promised not to disappoint Jeopardy!’s many fans.