‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Pic of ‘Last Minute Pep Talk’ Before First Episode

by John Jamison

It’s that time again. A new guest host is stepping into the ring on “Jeopardy!” tonight. And with only one more official guest host following him, David Faber is feeling the pressure. Fortunately, he had the guidance of executive producer Mike Richards to help him get locked in for the show.

The CNBC anchor took to Twitter ahead of his debut to share a picture of the time he spent on the “Jeopardy!” set.

In the photo, executive producer Mike Richards, who took a turn guest hosting the show himself, can be seen on the left, going over some final notes with Faber. David Faber is doing some last-minute review of the clue sheets before he walks out and starts running games.

“Yes, those are the clues in my hand as EP @MRichTV gives me a last minute pep talk. Humbled and excited to deliver those clues this week on @Jeopardy,” Faber tweeted.

“Jeopardy!” and David Faber fans alike offered words of support ahead of the culmination of Faber’s work on the show.

“This is a part you were born to play! You would be a perfect replacement!” one Twitter user wrote.

“So excited for you!! You’re gonna be great!! Perfect, marvelous, the best!!” another added.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber is a Contestant’s Host

As most, if not all, of the guest hosts have done, David Faber studied a bunch of tape on Alex Trebek. One of his biggest takeaways from that homework was how masterfully Trebek was able to run a game of “Jeopardy!”

“Really, what I have done is study him in part to get ready for this. And so I feel closer to him from having done that and watched just what a master he was,” Faber said in the guest host interview with “Jeopardy!”

But what drove Alex Trebek was the need to make the game as fair as possible for every contestant. To do that, he had to be consistent in the way he presented information and had to maintain a certain pace. David Faber also made that a priority.

“I wanted to establish a rhythm, and I wanted to be good for the contestants. I feel like they show up here and this is an awfully important day for them, and I didn’t want to disappoint them,” Faber added.

The Guest Host Saga is Nearing the End

The 37th season of “Jeopardy!” comes to an end on August 13. That means there is only one guest host left after David Faber this week before the producers have to buckle down and select a permanent host.

The final guest host is none other than Emmy-winning sportscaster Joe Buck. Football and baseball fans will recognize him instantly for the play-by-play announcing he does for both the NFL and MLB.

It’s unlikely that Buck is seeking the permanent hosting job. But we’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. Executive producer Mike Richards told fans to expect a decision by the end of summer.