‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber’s Friends Helped Him Practice with Fake Show at His House

by Chris Haney

On Monday night, CNBC financial analyst David Faber will be the newest Jeopardy! guest host. As he prepared for the interim gig, his friends helped him practice for his take over of the game show.

Reading Rainbow and Star Trek star LeVar Burton hosted the popular game show last week. But his time as an interim on Jeopardy! came to an end on Friday. Now, Faber will step behind the podium as the next fill-in from Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 6.

In an exclusive Jeopardy! interview, Faber opened up about how his friends helped him practice for his upcoming hosting gig. He invited them over to his house, and the group recreated the game show so he could test his hosting skills.

“Well, you know, actually it was a group of my friends, some of whom I work with. And some are just close friends, but many from the TV business,” Faber said. “And they insisted that I practice. So we have a space right near my house that we used. And a bunch of my friends showed up to be contestants, to have me be there [as host], and then a few others just to listen and critique.”

Faber and his friends set up a makeshift Jeopardy! competition at his home. However, it wasn’t quite as intense as the real thing. The group of friends had a great time participating in the fake show along with pizza and wine to ring in the practice rounds.

“I thought, well, at the very least we’ll have pizza, we’ll have some wine, we’ll have a good time, right, seeing your friends. Especially these days indoors, which was in and of itself an occasion. But it actually ended up being helpful, so it was great,” Faber added.

‘Jeopardy!’ Interim Didn’t Realize ‘How Challenging’ Hosting the Show Would Be

While speaking in the same interview, David Faber shared that he underestimated how difficult hosting Jeopardy! would be. The Squawk on the Street and Business Nation host has almost 30 years experience on television as a financial journalist. But hosting one of the most famous and beloved game shows ever is a whole different ballgame.

Faber admitted it was a challenge to host the show. He watched old footage of legendary host Alex Trebek to study his every move. While he said it was a tough task, Faber also shared that he couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to guest host Jeopardy!.

“Well, it’s challenging. I didn’t realize quite how challenging. I watched an awful lot of Alex Trebek and I sort of started to understand it. When you think about it as ‘Oh my God. I’m going to stand up there and do that?’ And then when you actually come and try, it’s not easy. But that’s fun, right? That’s part of life. If you get an opportunity like that, you gotta take it. And I was so happy to be given the chance,” he explained.