‘Jeopardy!’: Guest Host David Faber Delivers Opening Monologue, Hopes To Honor Alex Trebek

by Chris Haney

On Monday night, Jeopardy!‘s newest guest host David Faber took the reins of the popular game show and spoke about honoring Alex Trebek during his opening monologue.

It’s Faber’s first day at his temporary job after taking over for last week’s host LeVar Burton. The Reading Rainbow and Star Trek star filled in from July 26 to July 30, so his time on the show ended on Friday. Today marks Faber’s debut and kicks off his own one-week stint on the game show. The CNBC financial journalist will now man the Jeopardy! lectern from August 2 to August 6.

Faber thanked legendary announcer Johnny Gilbert and welcomed the three contestants before addressing the audience and viewers at home. He mentioned his time on the game show as a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy!. In addition, Faber intends to honor the standard that Trebek set during his almost four decades as host.

“I am so excited to be here,” Faber said. “As a financial journalist, I live in a world of facts. And what I love is that’s what Jeopardy! is all about. Having also played as a contestant with Alex, I understand just how important it was to him that the players were able to perform at their very best. I hope and intend to honor that standard as a guest host this week.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host ‘Feels Closer’ To Alex Trebek After Watching Him as He Prepared for Hosting Gig

As David Faber mentioned in his monologue, this isn’t his first time on Jeopardy!. In fact, he was a competitor on the celebrity edition of the game show in 2012.

Additionally, Faber beat out Fox News’ Dana Perino and NBA icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for a $50,000 prize. The money went to a local charity of the journalist’s choice – New Visions for Public Schools. The foundation strives to help New York City public school students maximize their educations. While making an appearance on the show, it was the first time he got to interact with Alex Trebek, which he spoke about in an exclusive Jeopardy! interview.

“You know, I was a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy!,” Faber said. “And I thankfully won. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Alex but he did come over and chat with us and sort of help us understand what had just happened. And he discussed the game with us.”

Similar to many of the interims who guest-hosted before him, Faber said he studied Trebek in preparation for the job. He said he studied the famous host’s every move and called Trebek a “master” at his craft.

“But really what I actually have done is studied him in part to try and get ready for this,” Faber added. “And so, I actually feel closer to him for having done that. I watched just what a master he was. You can’t really fully appreciate it until you actually think about trying to do it. And then you try to actually do it. Oh my God. I don’t know how he did it.”