‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber Reveals the Best Advice He Received for Hosting the Show

by Josh Lanier

CNBC financial analyst and co-host of Squawk on the Street David Faber said he got an “avalanche” of advice from friends and family on what makes a good Jeopardy! host. But in the end, the best advice he said he received came from the show’s staff.

Faber will take over the hosting duties for Jeopardy! on Monday, Aug. 2. In his pre-show interview, Faber told producers about what information was most useful to him behind the host’s lectern.

“Well, your amazing team here really just kept trying to get me to be myself,” he told Jeopardy! producers. “You know, there’s not that many opportunities in the game — because the game is the star — to show a lot of yourself. And really, I wanted to just focus on the gameplay. But they did tell me to smile, to try to have fun, which I tried to do, to loosen up a bit. That was all great advice, to be enthusiastic, obviously, and supportive of the contestants as well.”

The CNBC anchor will raise money for the Robin Hood Foundation during his week as Jeopardy! guest host. Whatever the contestants earn during this week, the show will match that amount and donate it to Faber’s chosen charity, The Robin Hood Foundation. The charity fights poverty in New York City by funding and aiding other nonprofits that help poor and disenfranchised families across the city.

David Faber will host the show through Friday. He’s the penultimate guest host with only sportscaster and broadcast icon Joe Buck left to go next week. Jeopardy! will begin production on its next season very soon. So, fans should find out who will fill Alex Trebek’s enormous shoes going forward in the near future.

LeVar Burton Wraps Up His Time as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

David Faber is following the most talked-about guest host of Jeopardy! this season. LeVar Burton started to lobby producers for the job shortly after Alex Trebek’s death in November. And he’s been very vocal about his desire to take over the legendary game show. So, his time behind the podium was a make-or-break moment.

The reviews of his week at the host’s stand were mostly positive. A fan poll on TVLine.com said he should be the next Jeopardy! host. Actress Miyam Bialik came in second and Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings finished third in the voting.

Though, LeVar Burton has always had a lot of support from fans online.

Earlier this year, more than 250,000 people signed a Change.org petition demanding Jeopardy! hire Burton to replace Trebek. Burton even signed the online petition.

Burton believes that’s because a lot of Jeopardy! viewers grew up watching him on television and feel comfortable with him.

“I’ve been asked over the past couple of weeks, ‘what is this about?’” he told Fox News. “And I think it has something to do with the fact that this generation of adults that have grown up on Reading Rainbow think I’ve made an investment in them and they are hoping to return the favor.”