‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host George Stephanopoulos Reveals What the Game Show Means to Him

by Chris Haney

During an exclusive interview with upcoming Jeopardy! guest host George Stephanopoulos, the interim shared how much the game show means to him.

Stephanopoulos is gearing up to take over as the newest interim host on the popular game show. Jeopardy! has utilized a long list of celebrity guest hosts since Alex Trebek passed away in November 2020. They’ve brought in celebrities from across the entertainment industry to temporarily take the reins of Jeopardy!. Former champions on the game show, journalists, broadcasters, actors, and even an NFL quarterback have been at the helm since earlier this year.

While speaking about his experiences on the game show, Stephanopoulos was asked what Jeopardy! means to him. He called it an honor to take part in the game show. In addition, the Good Morning America anchor said he grew up watching Jeopardy! and still loves playing along.

“A lot more now than it did before, I’ll tell you that!” Stephanopoulos explained with a laugh. “This is really such an honor to have the chance to come and guest host for a week. To meet all the crew, to meet the contestants. You know, like everyone else I grew up with Jeopardy!. I love playing, I love playing with my family, I love competing with myself, watching every night.”

“I actually never imagined that I would one day be on the stage as a guest host,” he continued. “It was a thrill enough for me, the time I was a category or a response on Jeopardy!. But the chance to be a guest host was just, it was really, really fun. And I just feel lucky to have had it.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Admitted He Was ‘Nervous’ to Head the Game Show

In another portion of the interview, George Stephanopoulos admitted he was nervous to take over the game show. The newest Jeopardy! interim is taking the reins from CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Stephanopoulos officially begins his one-week stint on the game show with Monday night’s episode. Previous to taping his episodes though, the new guest host had some nerves about taking over the iconic TV program. While sharing details about hosting Jeopardy! in the interview, he opened up about being nervous about the temporary gig.

“Sure! Absolutely,” Stephanopoulos said when asked if he was nervous to host the game show. “I mean, it’s ’cause it’s just a very different beast from what I do every single day.”

He went on to explain why anchoring his own shows are so different from hosting Jeopardy!.

“You know, I was telling [executive producer Mike Richards], I do morning television – Good Morning America. I do This Week. Those are slightly different shows from each other as well. But on Good Morning America, it’s two hours of live TV every day. You make mistakes. You’re gonna make mistakes. And part of the job is making that into an opportunity, recovering from it. Here on Jeopardy!, no margin of error. You have to be perfect. That’s what the viewers expect. That’s what they deserve,” he explained.