‘Jeopardy!’: Guest Host Katie Couric Calls It ‘Privilege to Honor’ Alex Trebek

by Josh Lanier

The era of the celebrity Jeopardy! host begins tonight as Katie Couric takes her turn behind the podium. Couric is the first person who hasn’t been a contestant or producer on the show to host since Alex Trebek’s death.

Couric seems thrilled about the opportunity. She even got into the spirit by expressing her excitement in the form of an answer on Instagram.

“This happened. 😊 A privilege to honor the extraordinary Alex Trebek. #whoiskatiecouric#jeopardy#seeyoutomorrownight,” she captioned the image.

Along with being an iconic television journalist, Couric is also a New York Times best-selling author. Now she’ll add two-week Jeopardy! guest host to her resume, but that could turn into longer. Many suspect these guest-hosting spots are more akin to tryouts.

Couric will guest host through March 19. Subsequently, Dr. Mehmet Oz takes over from March 22-April 2. Then Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hosts April 5-16. CNN’s Anderson Cooper takes over from April 19-30. Though, no dates are set for the remaining guest hosts Mayim Bialik and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Follow the schedules on Jeopardy!‘s website.

Ken Jennings Coy About Possible Jeopardy! Return

After Alex Trebek died in October, Ken Jennings, Jeopardy!‘s most successful — and well-known — contestant took over hosting duties. Fans loved him. And that fact that every night he would show deference and homage to Trebek endeared him even more to longtime fans of the show.

But he turned the reigns over to the show’s executive producer Mike Richards a few weeks ago. Ever since fans have wanted to know whether he’ll be returning to the show or if he’s done. Jennings even responded to the question on Twitter in perfect Jennings fashion.

“Hey Ken. Question: will you be returning to hosting Jeopardy! in the near future?” Britt asks on Twitter Sunday. “I really enjoyed watching you in action. It was wonderful & I truly feel that Alex Trebek was smiling from heaven. Hope you’ll be back soon. #bringbackkenjennings.”

In the world of Twitter, celebrity responses are far from a guarantee. In fact, one might say there’s a better chance of winning the local lottery than having a Twitter celeb take the time to tweet back.

Little did Lisa Britt know, however, that today is her lucky day.

“Anything’s possible. Write your Congressperson,” Jennings replies tongue-in-cheek. Surely Britt is over the moon.