‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Ken Jennings Accomplishes Hilarious ‘Bucket List’ Item

by Madison Miller

Ken Jennings has taken on the monumental task of being the temporary host of “Jeopardy!” right after the legendary Alex Trebek passed away.

While being one of the successful players on the show and then getting to host it has to be on the top of his bucket list, it appears other items are included as well.

In a tweet, Jennings wrote, “I know I have a weird bucket list but ‘Jackée publicly denounces my Jackée impression’ was close to the top.”

Fans of “Jeopardy!” probably don’t consider his 74-game winning streak and $3,370,700 cash prize a weird bucket list item at all. In fact, he’s even a household name now.

Ken Jennings ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘The Chase’

Ken Jennings has been hosting “Jeopardy!” since Trebek’s death. However, his time on the show comes to an end on Feb. 19. Then executive producer Mike Richards will host for a bit starting Feb. 22.

After that, Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker, Mayim Bialik, Anderson Cooper, and many others will also take turns hosting the show. No permanent host has yet been determined.

According to TV Line, the game show is making a donation to the host’s charity of choice. It will be equivalent to the cumulative winnings of the contestants that compete while they’re hosting.

While he isn’t hosting “Jeopardy!” he’s on a different game show called “The Chase.” The show allows three competitors to face-off against a quiz genius that tries to stop them.

Both Jennings and former contestants James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter serve as the chasers on the show.

Besides being the quizmaster on two shows, Jennings even got to show audiences his mediocre impression of Jackée Harry. Luckily (or unluckily) for him, she even noticed his impression and commented on it. She wrote, “Too too funny! We’ll have to work on that impression.”

Harry is well-known for her role on the NBC series “227” as Sandra Clark. She was also Lisa Landry on “Sister, Sister.” Harry is the first and only African-American woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

While Ken Jennings will not permanently be on our TV screens with “Jeopardy,” fans can see his bucket list continue to come true on “The Chase.”

“The Chase” is on ABC on Thursdays at 8 p.m. CT.

Jennings Deletes Old Tweets

Before starting to host “Jeopardy!” Jennings opened up about a series of tweets from his past. Some were considered ableist and others joked about date rape.

According to Buzzfeed, Kennings wrote a five-part Twitter thread that apologized for his past tweets.

Part of the tweet-thread read: “Sometimes I said dumb things in a dumb way and I want to apologize to people who were (rightfully!) offended. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t matter: I screwed up, and I’m truly sorry.”

Some “Jeopardy!” fans criticized him saying the timing for his apology was convenient given the fact he was about to host the popular show. Others commended him for owning up to his mistakes.