’Jeopardy!’: Guest Host LeVar Burton Jokingly Joins Top 10 Contestant Matt Amodio’s Unofficial ‘Fan Club’

by Leanne Stahulak

Matt Amodio continues to make “Jeopardy!” history, joining the ranks of the Top 10 highest-earning contestants ever. And LeVar Burton might just be his biggest fan.

The seven-day champ won an incredible total of $74,000 on last night’s episode, all being matched for Burton’s charity, Reading Is Fundamental. Amodio dominated the last seven games, wagering big on Daily Doubles and “Final Jeopardy!” questions. He also selects high-value clues over low-value ones.

After last night’s episode, “Jeopardy!” shared a behind-the-scenes clip of Burton and the contestants. “Consider @levarburton the first member of the Matt Amodio fan club!” the game show tweeted.

In the clip, the guest host called Amodio “a machine” in the way he played. Second-place winner Dana Rosner agreed.

“Trust me, I’m starting his fan club now,” Rosner said. Amodio turned to her and said, “That’s so nice, thank you.”

But Burton had some surprising news for Rosner, who supposedly started the club. “I think I’m the number one member, but you can have the second position,” he said, causing the other contestants to laugh.

Burton’s not the only one impressed by Amodio’s skills. The seven-day champion is currently attending Yale University to pursue his doctorate, and the Ivy League quote tweeted “Jeopardy!”‘s post.

“A club that has @levarburton & Matt Amodio as members? Count us in!” the university tweeted. Not sure if they realize that Amodio probably (hopefully) wouldn’t be a member of his own fan club. But I guess being an Ivy League grants you a few passes.

Amodio himself also replied to the clip, responding to Burton’s demands to join the fan club. “The feeling is mutual, @levarburton! Thanks for doing a great job hosting. I’m honored to have shared the floor with you,” the “Jeopardy!” champ wrote.

Matt Amodio Joins the Ranks of ‘Jeopardy!’ Legends

Aside from his tendency to say “What’s” for every answer, Amodio has impressed fans with his incredible “Jeopardy!” skills. Not only does the New Haven, Connecticut, resident know his stuff, but he’s also playing the game smartly too.

Ken Jennings continues to hold the record for the highest number of consecutive wins (74). But winners like James Holzhauer (32 wins) really rocked the boat with a new style of play. Holzhauer, a former sports better, used number games and wagering to really extend his winning streak. That seems to be the tactic Amodio is following, focusing on big bets and high risks with high payoffs.

Amodio now sits on the “Jeopardy!” Hall of Fame board in ninth place for the highest winnings category. He’s just ahead of 12-game champion Seth Wilson, who ended his run with $265,002. Amodio, at $268,800, is now behind 11-game champ Arthur Chu, who has $297,200. Out of all the competitors in the Hall of Fame, Amodio has won the least number of games at seven.

His seven-day streak also put him solidly on the Tournament of Champions Tracker. Amodio now sits at the top of the board, above fellow seven-day champs Brian Chang and Courtney Shah.

We’ll see how Amodio does in LeVar Burton’s final guest hosting episode tonight.