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‘Jeopardy!’: Guest-Host Mayim Bialik Asks ‘Who’s Ready for More’ Ahead of Second Episode

by John Jamison
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

“Jeopardy!” guest host Mayim Bialik got off to a great start on Monday. Fans all over the internet had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the actress-turned-neuroscientist’s debut on the long-running game show. As her second episode gets ready to air tonight, Bialik once again took to Twitter, asking if people are ready for more trivia excellence.

We were born ready. And apparently, so was she. “The Big Bang Theory” star looks to be a complete natural in the role. “Jeopardy!” fans have chimed in, with many of them saying that she’s doing the late Alex Trebek proud. The iconic former host of the game show was a champion for knowledge. And who better to carry on that legacy (at least temporarily) than a Ph. D. holding neuroscientist?

After tonight, Bialik will have eight more episodes to go on her guest-hosting stint. And it’s safe to say she’s living out her dream. In an interview she did on “Chatting with the Stars,” she basically said as much.

“I mean that’s like a – that’s a dream job. And I have to say, my experience just – I did ten episodes – was an absolute dream,” she said. “My brain really works the way that show works, meaning I’m constantly thinking about things, saying things.”

Bialik hasn’t been nearly as outspoken as Aaron Rodgers or LeVar Burton about getting the permanent hosting job. But based on her comments, it doesn’t seem like she’d be rushing to turn the offer down. With “Jeopardy!” producers saying they’ll have their pick ready sometime this summer, the competition is definitely heating up. LeVar Burton’s episodes are set to air in late July. And there are plenty of others yet to take the stage.

So Are ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Ready for More?

Back to Mayim Bialik’s original question. Are the “Jeopardy!” fans of Twitter “ready for more?” There was no shortage of people lining up to engage with the prompt.

“You did a fantastic job last night. Just enough of your personality injected to showcase yourself and make it fun, but not so much to overpower the contestants or questions. It’s a balance not everyone has been able to pull off, and you seemed to do it so easily,” replied one Twitter user, offering some analysis on her performance.

“You are such an amazing host. Love seeing you in charge of this legendary show. Good luck with your two-week stay,” another added.

“You are awesome!! I hope you are a serious consideration for permanent host. That’s if you want it of course,” another suggested.

You could fill a book will all of the positive responses. Fans are ready for what Mayim Bialik has in store over the next week and a half.