‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Mayim Bialik Says She Has a ‘Pit in My Stomach’ Ahead of First Episode Airing

by John Jamison

For Mayim Bialik, this moment has been a long time in the making. “The Big Bang Theory” star is making her debut as the “Jeopardy!” guest host on Monday. She’s nervous, to say the least. And the nerves are understandable, considering the extremely high standards demanded by the fans.

Bialik took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the upcoming episode. Apparently, she never watches herself on TV, but she plans on doing so tonight. That can’t be helping her comfort levels.

“Pit in my stomach here on the east coast as @jeopardy starts soon-ish!!!!!! so nervous. and excited, I never watch myself ever, but tonight I may have to. My kids are visiting me in NJ and they will tease me SO HARD but I think we will watch. eeek #MayimOnJeopardy,” she wrote in her tweet.

Whether or not she decides to watch, millions of “Jeopardy!” fans will certainly be tuning in to see the next chapter in the ongoing search for a permanent host. And that’s not intended to add any extra pressure. So, apologies if you’re reading this, Mayim. It’s intended to highlight how many people are concerned with the future of “Jeopardy!” This level of interest speaks volumes about the impact of late host Alex Trebek.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Try to Calm Mayim Bialik’s Nerves

It will clearly be a nerve-racking experience for Bialik. And Twitter users weighed in on how she was feeling. Many of them wrote comments expressing their own excitement and offered words of encouragement.

“Can’t wait to see you in person. Aaron Rogers really, really wants the job, but I’m betting you’ll be right there in the thick of it for the permament host if you want it,” wrote one.

“I have every one of your appearances set to record. I’m certain you will do fine,” another offered.

“So happy the day has finally arrived. I’ve been looking forward to seeing @missmayim guest host @Jeopardy since it was announced at the beginning of the year,” added another Twitter user.

People are excited to see her take the stage. And one has to wonder if the “Jeopardy!” producers are excited about “The Big Bang Theory” fan base to which Biyalik appeals. The long-running sitcom endeared fans to the Amy Fowler character played by Mayim. Depending on how she does on the game show, the overlap could be a major selling point if she wants to make a case for the permanent job.

Either way, fans everywhere will have a chance to see a new face hosting “Jeopardy!” tonight.