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‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host, NFL Star Aaron Rodgers and Fiancée Shailene Woodley Reveal What They ‘Argue About’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers may be cool as a cucumber on the “Jeopardy!” set. But he and his fiancée still have arguments from time to time.

Aaron Rodgers and his fiancée, Shailene Woodley, are preparing to walk down the aisle after the two surprised the world with their engagement. Recently, the pair have made more public appearances and are beginning to talk about one another in interviews.

They even recently went on a trip to Disney World. And the pair were also seen cuddling up together. But, despite the happy moments, the couple still has everyday relationship problems.

Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Discuss What They Quarrel About

During a Q&A session on Instagram, the couple sat down to reveal the small things they “argue about.” During the unscripted exchange with their followers, the topic came up when Woodley’s German Shepherd joined the couple on the couch.

After the pup got in the frame, Aaron Rodgers moved the dog out of the frame, which garnered Woodley’s not-so-nice response. “Hey! Careful. Careful, careful,” Woodley joked. “Who else gets in fights with their partners about how much they get to cuddle with their dog? Is it just us?”

As a result, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley confessed that they also disagree on the topic of hair. The NFL star then took off his hat and revealed that he had long hair. “I’ve been growing it out for a while. I had the man bun,” Rodgers said, adding that his Green Bay teammates inspired him to grow out his hair. Woodley fired back, saying that his hair was “really greasy” and he shouldn’t show it to the viewers.

After discussing what they quarrel about, the couple took time to address the topic of Rodgers turning in his football uniform to take a permanent spot on “Jeopardy!.” The couple cleared the air by saying Rodgers would continue playing football. But he wants to pursue his dream of replacing Alex Trebek on “Jeopardy!” in his time away from the field.

“No, I’m not going to [quit],” Aaron Rodgers said when the topic came up. “I just won MVP. I still have a lot left in the tank. I’m still going to play. I’d love to host ‘Jeopardy!’ at the same time. ‘Jeopardy!’ films five shows a day, 46 days a year. That’s 230 episodes. And I work for six months out of the year, so the other six months, I would probably have time to film 46 days.”

Woodley also chimed in on the topic, saying, “For sure. 100%. You could do so much.”