‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Robin Roberts Recalls Alex Trebek’s Words of Wisdom in First Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

Robin Roberts introduced her first Jeopardy! show by remembering the past host, Alex Trebek.

Or, as the official social media account of Jeopardy! described it: “Robin Roberts remembers Alex’s words of wisdom as she starts her first day as guest host.”

Roberts said: “Johnny Gilbert just said my name, what a thrill. You have no idea (what it feels like) to hear him say my name.

“Of course, I’m honored to be here, guest hosting Jeopardy! and paying tribute to the great Alex Trebek. I was blessed to get to know him well over the years. I have to say his spirit is very much here, very present.

“I’m also looking forward to raising a lot of money for charity. Let’s do it. All right, let’s get into the game.. It’s not about you, it’s all about (the) contestants … I wish you well. Let’s see the categories.”

Robin Roberts Is Latest Celebrity Host for Jeopardy!

Roberts, who is a co-host of Good Morning America, will moderate Jeopardy! for five episodes this week. The show’s producers are continuing their search for a replacement for legendary Alex Trebek, who died last November of pancreatic cancer.

Some of the celebrity hosts are doing the show as a one- or two-week appearance. That’s it. Others would like to be the permanent host. Producers should make a final decision in time for next season’s shows. The guest hosts also are raising money for their favorite charities.

Roberts charity is Be the Match, which is managed by the National Bone Marrow Donor Program. It manages a registry for donors trying to help patients with cancer of the blood. Roberts suffered from a type of pre-leukemia.

Fellow GMA Host Wished Her Well

George Stephanopoulos, who hosts GMA with Roberts, asked for the questions on Jeopardy! episodes that ran last week. He wished his friend well.

“You will kill it Robin!!!!,” Stephanopoulos tweeted of Roberts, who had the honor of being the first Black woman to host Jeopardy!

Hosts can tape a week’s worth of shows in one day. Roberts already is finished with her hosting, but we’re all just getting to see her work. In an interview with USA Today, Roberts talked of her time behind the Jeopardy! dais.

“I ventured outside of my comfort zone as the guest host for Jeopardy! and I loved it,” Roberts said. “I had butterflies. Nothing really rattles me anymore. I’ve been doing this such a long time. (But) I was nervous, and it felt good! It felt good to have those nerves.”

Roberts, 60, also is introducing a new talk show on Disney+ later this month. It’s called Turning the Tables With Robin Roberts.

“And let me just say – because I know Jeopardy! has a lot of fans – that show is in great hands,” Roberts said. “The producers, the writers, the crew, they love that show! They miss Alex tremendously.”