‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Savannah Guthrie Described Why Alex Trebek ‘Was Such a Revered Figure’

by Chris Haney

On Monday, journalist Savannah Guthrie is taking over Jeopardy! as the new guest host, and she recently opened up about longtime host Alex Trebek and his legendary career.

Ever since Trebek passed away in November 2020, Jeopardy! has utilized a rotating cast of celebrity guest hosts. Guthrie follows a long line of interims, and is gearing up for her own two-week stint behind the podium. Like many other hosts on the game show recently, Guthrie has paid tribute to her predecessor.

Since the game show is pre-recorded, the Today show anchor has already filmed her episodes. She recently shared her experiences from her time on Jeopardy!, and spoke about how “revered” Trebek is to so many. Guthrie also admits it won’t be easy to replace the iconic host of the game show. It will be a tall task for anyone to take over the gig full-time. Considering Trebek hosted the show for almost four decades, he’ll be tough to replace.

“I think it’s such big shoes to fill!” Guthrie said to PEOPLE.

“Alex was not only legendary in how he did it, he was legendary in how he conducted himself off-air and the family that he created. [He was] such a revered figure,” Guthrie added. “So, stepping into Alex’s shoes won’t be easy, but I think they’ve got some really good candidates. I’m not going to name names.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Not Looking to Quit Her Day Job

As Savannah Guthrie spoke about her time on Jeopardy!, she also admitted she wasn’t in search of a new job. Numerous celebrities have made it well-known that they’re interested in hosting the game show full-time. However, those that want Alex Trebek’s gig will have one less candidate to worry about. Guthrie made it clear she isn’t interested since she loves her anchor position with Today.

“I was so nervous because I really just wanted to show how much respect I have for Jeopardy! and Alex – who is a legend and an icon for a reason,” Guthrie told PEOPLE. “He’s the maestro. And I know those Jeopardy! fans are picky. But I have to say, I’m just the fill-in so don’t worry!”

Jeopardy! has brought in numerous celebrities as interims from all across the entertainment industries. The game show has invited journalists, television stars, an NFL quarterback, former Jeopardy! champions and more. The guest hosts have helped bridge the gap between Trebek’s passing and the next permanent host. Yet their appearances also serve as a tryout of sorts. While no full-time replacement has been chosen as of yet, we do at least know that Guthrie doesn’t have her name in the hat.

“I’m doing a couple of weeks. I loved it. I had so much fun, but I have a day job,” Guthrie explained.

Guthrie’s Jeopardy! appearance begins next week on June 14 and lasts until June 25. Guest hosts George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, LeVar Burton, and others will then take over the podium as upcoming interims in the near future.