‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Savannah Guthrie Says Never Meeting Alex Trebek Is ‘One of the Regrets of My Life’

by Chris Haney

Over the weekend, Jeopardy! shared an exclusive interview with guest host Savannah Guthrie where she opened up about the game show’s legendary host Alex Trebek.

While millions of fans have enjoyed the famous quiz show for decades, a large part of its success was due to its popular host. Since 1984, Trebek anchored the podium with grace and quick wit. For almost four decades he held the position, which turned him into a household name.

Sadly, the iconic game show host passed away in November 2020 after battling pancreatic cancer. He continued to work on Jeopardy! until the very end, and didn’t let cancer keep him from his beloved job. The game show now has the impossible task of replacing the longtime host who manned the podium for 37 seasons.

Of course, any guest host who takes over Jeopardy! is going to be asked about Trebek. While it’s an inevitable question, every interim has spoken about the late host with true reverence. When asked about her favorite Alex Trebek memory, Savannah Guthrie admitted she never had the pleasure of meeting the host. However, like many others, the Today show anchor says she would’ve “loved to meet him.”

“I don’t. That’s one of the regrets of my life. I never got to meet Alex Trebek,” Guthrie said in the interview. “I would have loved to meet him. But now that I’ve met all the folks who worked with him so closely, I know everything I’ve ever heard about him is 100% true. He was a class act and a gentleman.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Admits She Could Never Be a Contestant On the Game Show

During the same interview with guest host Savannah Guthrie she shared her thoughts on the game show. She’s loved Jeopardy! for years, but hilariously admits hosting was her only chance of being on the game show since Guthrie admitted she isn’t very good at trivia.

Guthrie begins her two-week stint as guest host tomorrow evening. From June 14 to June 25, she’ll take over the role that Alex Trebek made famous. The Today show co-anchor is one of many celebrity guest hosts who have filled the position temporarily since Trebek’s death. While the game show still searches for a full-time host, Jeopardy! has kept the ball rolling with a rotating cast of celebrity guest appearances.

The upcoming interim has been open about not wanting to be considered for the permanent hosting job. Yet that doesn’t mean she didn’t love her role as a guest host. When speaking about her experience filming on set, Guthrie shared how many people in her life were excited for her Jeopardy! appearance. Everyone in her family, all of her friends, and even her co-workers love the game show. She said they’re all more excited by her guest hosting the quiz show than anything else she’s done in her famed career.

While Guthrie is thrilled to be part of Jeopardy!, she did confess one thing. Since her trivia skills are lacking, she admits she’d be an awful contestant.

“Well, I’m a huge fan of Jeopardy!, and I know I could never be a contestant because I’m not very good at trivia. So this was the closest I was ever going to get to the Jeopardy! stage, so I had to jump at the chance,” Guthrie amusingly explained.