‘Jeopardy!’: Guest Host Savannah Guthrie Reflects on Time Spent Hosting Ahead of Final Episode

by Chris Haney

As Savannah Guthrie’s guest-hosting gig on Jeopardy! comes to an end tonight, the game show has shared a video where she reflects on her experience.

Guthrie took over the podium from previous host and actress Mayim Bialik. The Today show anchor has been at the helm since Monday, June 14 and she’ll end her run tonight on Friday, June 25.

She recently admitted that she’s not looking for a new job since she loves her current position with the Today show. In fact, she just celebrated her 10th anniversary on the NBC daytime news program. Although Guthrie isn’t entering her name in the hat to replace Alex Trebek permanently, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t enjoyed every second of her time on Jeopardy!.

The guest host made sure to thank longtime Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert first. She then shared her thoughts about her last two weeks on the game show.

“This experience over the past two weeks has been such an honor,” Guthrie explained to viewers. “Having the chance to be here and work with the people who worked alongside Alex for decades, it is so evident how loved he is, how much he is missed. This is a family, and I am so thankful to be here and to share in that legacy for just a moment.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Interim Savannah Guthrie Admits She’s Not Interested in Hosting Show Full-Time

As many celebrities make their interest well-known in Jeopardy!‘s opening for a full-time host, guest host Savannah Guthrie has done the exact opposite. Earlier this month, the 49-year-old revealed thoughts about her new temporary position with the game show.

Guthrie spoke with PEOPLE (The TV SHOW!) where she readily admitted she’s not vying for Trebek’s job. Guthrie revealed she’s thrilled to take part in Jeopardy!, but she’s happy with her day job. Additionally, she also knows how difficult it’s going to be for anyone to fill iconic host Alex Trebek’s shoes.

“I was so nervous because I really just wanted to show how much respect I have for Jeopardy! and Alex – who is a legend and an icon for a reason,” Guthrie told PEOPLE (The TV SHOW!). “He’s the maestro. And I know those Jeopardy! fans are picky. But I have to say, I’m just the fill-in so don’t worry!”

The Today anchor is one of many celebrities that have taken the reins of the show since Trebek passed away in November. They’ve used a solid mix of famous hosts, including former Jeopardy! champions, television stars, football players, and other broadcasters. So far, no full-time host has been chosen as of yet. Yet for the other celebrities that want the job, they have one less person to contend with.

“I’m doing a couple of weeks. I loved it. I had so much fun, but I have a day job,” Guthrie explained.