‘Jeopardy!’: Has George Stephanopoulos Been the ‘Best’ Guest Host So Far?

by Josh Lanier

George Stephanopoulos is receiving a lot of praise for his job guest-hosting Jeopardy! Though it hasn’t been all good, some are calling him the best guest host so far.

Stephanopoulos took over Jeopardy! on Monday, and he’ll have the lectern until Friday. He’ll pass it off to fellow Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. But in the two days he’s had the gig, Twitter has been abuzz with love for the former Bill Clinton confidant.

George Stephanopoulos is my FAVORITE guest host by far and it’s only been one episode idc #Jeopardy,” one person tweeted. “By far George Stephanopoulos is my favorite guest host!!,” wrote another.

One woman went all-in on Stephanopoulos. “It may be Monday, but the sexiest man alive George Stephanopoulos is hosting Jeopardy! for the next two weeks. Hunt the good stuff.”

I don’t want to be the one who has to tell her that Stephanopoulos is only hosting for one week. In fact, all the remaining hosts are only getting a week, not the two granted to the previous guest hosts.

#Jeopardy George Stephanopoulos is killin’ it on Jeopardy. He looks like he’s been doing this his whole life. I don’t think he has a “you should have known that” voice or face. He’s in perfect control. I’m loving it. (Forgot I’d have to spell Stephanopoulos when I started this),” one person posted Wednesday.

Alex Trebek Gave Stephanopoulos ‘Jeopardy’ Tips

George Stephanopoulos said that he was incredibly nervous to host Jeopardy!. But he’s had a mantra that he’s using that Alex Trebek told him about what it’s like hosting the show.

“I think it’s the advice that Alex Trebek gave everyone every day when he talked about Jeopardy! ‘This is about the game. Remember that first and foremost.’ And I think that does get to the heart of it the job of guest hosting,” he said in an exclusive interview with the show. “It’s not about you, it’s about the contestants, it’s about the clues, and it’s about the action. Remembering that and internalizing that I think is the best advice.”

Despite having that advice in his back pocket, he’s admitted multiple times that hosting Jeopardy! is incredibly hard. And he’s struggled at times.

On Monday, July 12th, Stephanopoulos’ first night as guest host, returning Jeopardy! champion Jen Jazwinski, complimented his performance. “You did a great job up there.”

“It’s very different from anything else I’ve done,” the Rhodes Scholar replied. “The show is so precise.”

“Yeah,” Jazwinski countered, “and a lot of moving parts that you have to track all over.”

“We were talking about it yesterday on my day job, ‘Good Morning America,’” Stephanopoulos continued. “If you make a mistake [on GMA], it’s not a big deal. Like reacting to the mistake is part of the job. Here, you can’t make a mistake.”