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’Jeopardy!’: Here’s the 3 Worst Performing Guest Hosts So Far Following Savannah Guthrie’s Stint

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Common Sense Media)

Later tonight (6/25), Jeopardy! guest host Savannah Guthrie is making her final appearance on the game show, so here’s the ratings for all interim hosts until now.

On Friday night, the interim host finishes up her two-week stint on the game show. Ever since longtime host Alex Trebek passed away in November from pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy! has used a rotating cast of celebrity guest hosts. Some have been great and others have been lackluster, but everyone seems to have their own personal favorite.

It’s a tough task to try to replace Trebek, and some have been more successful than others in temporarily filling his shoes. While Jeopardy! is still looking for their next permanent host, we have gotten some feedback on all of the interims so far. The ratings are based on live and same day national household ratings from Nielsen, according to nexttv.com.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Rankings So Far

9) Anderson Cooper (April 19 – April 30) – The CNN anchor had a series low with a 4.8 rating in his second week. His first week fared slightly better with a 5.1 rating.

8) Mayim Bialik (May 31 – June 11)The Big Bang Theory and Blossom actress earned a 4.9 in her first week. In week two it raised to a 5.1 rating.

7) Dr. Mehmet Oz (March 22 – April 2) – The talk show host garnered a 5.2 rating in week one, and a 4.9 rating in week two.

6) Buzzy Cohen (May 17 – May 28) – The former Jeopardy! champion took over for this season’s Tournament of Champions. He maintained a 5.1 rating in both of his weeks on the game show.

5) Bill Whitaker (May 3 – May 14) – The 60 Minutes anchor also earned steady ratings each week of his stint with a 5.2 rating.

4) Katie Couric (March 8 – March 19) – The journalist and author earned a 5.6 rating in week one of her appearance. However, her week two performance dipped down to a 5.3 rating.

3) Aaron Rodgers (April 5 – April 16) – The Green Bay Packers quarterback and last season’s NFL MVP had solid stats while guest-hosting Jeopardy!. Rodgers brought in a 5.6 rating in week one, and a 5.5 rating in week two.

2) Mike Richards (February 22 – March 5)Jeopardy!‘s executive producer filled in for Alex Trebek admirably during his two weeks. He received a 5.9 rating in both weeks he was at the podium.

1) Ken Jennings (January 4 – February 19) – Jennings is a former Jeopardy! champion and arguably the greatest contestant in the game show’s history. His 74-game win streak is still a record to this day, and he’s one of the frontrunners to take over for Trebek permanently. He’s also the only guest host so far to break a 6 rating. Jennings earned a 5.8 rating in his first week, but that increased to a 6.1 rating in his second week.