‘Jeopardy!’: Here’s How LeVar Burton Reacted When Asked About Hosting Debacle

by Anna Dunn

The higher-ups at Jeopardy! are under fire after the appointment and subsequent stepping down of executive producer Mike Richards. Aspiring Jeopardy! host and fan-favorite LeVar Burton didn’t have much to say when paparazzi asked him to comment on the news.

For those who are somehow still unaware, after months of searching, Jeopardy! shocked fans when Mike Richards got the job as full-time host. Richards was an executive producer for the show, and nowhere near the favorite for the gig.

To make matters much more complicated, it was revealed that Richards had a sordid past, with harassment lawsuits and a 2013 podcast where he made derogatory comments towards women, Jewish people, and multiple minority groups.

Richards Stepped down from the position earlier this week, prompting responses from hopeful hosts and fans alike. LeVar Burton was one of the top favorites for the position. The Star Trek actor and former Reading Rainbow host has stolen the hearts of millions.

According to TMZ, when paparazzi asked Burton to comment on the news that Richards has stepped down, he responded with a simple “no comment.” That makes sense. Burton is likely being considered for the position after all.

Mike Richards apologized to the staff of the show both in e-mail form and in a virtual meeting. But it appears the damage is already done as Jeopardy! scrambles to find a rightful host. Many are calling for Burton to take that full-time hosting spot, but for now, Mayim Bialik is filling those shoes.

Mayim Bialik To Take a Temporary Position as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

Until Jeopardy! announces a full-time host, neuroscientist, and former Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik will take over.

“Happy to be of service to my Jeopardy! family. There’s no place I’d rather be!” she said in a Tweet about her appointment. Whether or not Bialik will take the full-time gig depends on how much Jeopardy! can compromise with her demanding schedule. For now, fans will see her back on the show as a guest host.

That being said, she’s still in the running.

“Now that there is some more time to figure things out, she has become a real viable choice for Sony. It just makes sense to ask her to step in for several weeks while they figure out next steps,” a source told CNN. While some are excited about Bialik, others are a bit skeptical, citing her own controversial past and her hosting style.

She was a guest host during the trial rounds earlier this year and was met with positive reviews. Initially, she was appointed to Jeopardy! alongside Mike Richards, tasked with hosting specials.

Many still want LeVar burton to have that hosting spot, but only time will tell what the Jeopardy! Execs are truly thinking in this messy hiring process.