‘Jeopardy!’: Here’s How Many Episodes Mike Richards Taped Before Stepping Down

by Clayton Edwards

Mike Richards landed one of the most coveted jobs on television on August 11th. Many Jeopardy! fans didn’t like the idea of Richards hosting the show. However, everyone had to admit it would be nice to get off of the guest-host rollercoaster. That moment of combined outrage and relief didn’t last though. Richards has a checkered past, to say the least. He was named in multiple workplace discrimination lawsuits. Those came to light before he landed the job. Long before that, he made comments that were sexist, anti-Semitic, and generally offensive on a podcast. Those came to light along with a request for an investigation into his past by the Anti-Defamation League. It took all of nine days for Richards to lose the most coveted job on television. Yesterday, he walked away from the position amid the pileup of scandals.

However, Mike Richards did hold the position for over a week. This leaves many Jeopardy! fans wondering how many episodes he hosted. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Richards hosted five episodes before stepping down. That means that Richards hosted the show for a single day. The Jeopardy! crew records roughly five episodes per day.

Instead of being the permanent host of Jeopardy!, Mike Richards will serve as the upcoming season’s first guest host. His episodes will air starting on September 13th.

Mike Richards Only Hosted For A Day

Filming for Jeopardy!’s 38th season kicked off on Thursday, August 18th, according to the New York Times. The day of filming started with a gathering of executives hoping to make a fresh start.

Mike Richards and Sony didn’t seem to be aware of an in-depth expose by The Ringer journalist Claire McNear. In her report, McNear laid out a series of offensive things that Richards had said on The Randumb Show, a podcast he launched in 2013. Those things included jokes at the expense of women as well as Jewish people. She noted that Richards promoted the show as a look behind the scenes of Wheel of Fortune.

However, Jeopardy! staffers must have known about McNear’s write-up. Their frustrations exploded in an emotional meeting after filming wrapped on Mike Richards’ first day. During that meeting, crew members filled the then-host in on just how bad he was for the show, according to the previously mentioned Times report. They told him that his past behavior and scandals had put the show’s reputation in jeopardy. Richards will have to deal with those same staffers as he attempts to continue to hold the reins as the show’s executive producer.

The next day, Richards sent out a memo announcing his plans to relinquish his new position. He apologized for the harm he caused to Jeopardy!’s brand and reputation. However, he did not apologize for the remarks he made.