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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Sends Fans Into Frenzy With Major Transformation

by Madison Miller
Photo by: FOX via Getty Images

Fans of “Jeopardy!” have gotten used to having Mayim Bialik as a steady host of the show. After months of controversy and drama regarding a search for a new host, Bialik has provided a lot of security and stability.

Things seem to be getting to a sense of normalcy now.

Bialik, however, decided to have a temporary makeover that left some viewers shocked. That is, the “Jeopardy!” host was seen in a full-body “Star Trek” outfit on TikTok. These pictures are actually from her CBS Watch Magazine 2016 cover shoot. They resurfaced and startled some people over the weekend during Halloween.

Mayim Bialik Old ‘Star Trek’ Costume

The 45-year-old is seen dressed as some very recognizable “Star Trek” characters such as Spock, Captain Kirk, Data, and Janice Rand. This older photoshoot had recognized the 50th anniversary of the TV series and film franchise. Her transformation had been alarming, however, during the interview, she discusses an old fear she had.

@mayimbialik Still haunts me to this day 😬 #startrek #halloween ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

She captioned her throwback video, “Still haunts me to this day.”

All in all, it’s likely that getting to dress as these “Star Trek” characters was a major moment for Mayim Bialik. The “Jeopardy!” host has revealed in the past just how much of an impact the show has had on her. One scene, in particular, had stuck with her over the years for its scary content.

“I went and saw The Wrath of Khan when I was a very young child and the scene where they put that thing in his ear scared me so much that my brother and I had to go to a payphone in the movie theatre and call my parents to come pick me up,” she said in the video.

Meanwhile, fans commented about her overall look in the comment section. “Well, that’s an awesome Data cosplay,” one person wrote. Another person commented, “Wow good makeup.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Wrath of the Mondays

There have been plenty of amazing “Jeopardy!” champions during the show’s long history. It’s been about two decades since the show lifted that five-day limit of returning champions, meaning players can have quite the streak.

In fact, there have been 11 players during that time that have won 10 or more games. Matt Amodio and Jonathan Fisher are two of these legendary contestants, both of which played this last month. According to The Ringer, some “Jeopardy!” fans had tried to guess when each of them would end their streak on the show.

Apparently, three of the nine contestants had lost both on Wednesday and Monday. None had ended their streak on a Friday. Amodio ended up losing on a Monday and Fisher lost on a Tuesday. “Jeopardy!” films an entire week of games in one day, which is a long day for contestants.