‘Jeopardy!’: How Champ Matt Amodio Feels About Mayim Bialik as Host

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Current “Jeopardy!” champion Matt Amodio has made history on the show for a number of reasons. Including the fact that he’s competed under six different guest hosts.

The game show rotated through 16 different hosts total after longtime leading man Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer nearly a year ago. By the beginning of August, Sony Pictures Television had decided that executive producer Mike Richards would get the permanent gig. But old controversial comments resurfaced, casting a negative light on Richards. He quickly stepped down from the job, after only filming for one day (one week’s worth of episodes).

Now, Mayim Bialik and “Jeopardy!” GOAT Ken Jennings will take turns hosting different weeks of the game show. Hopefully, this provides a somewhat stable format for 33-day champion Amodio, who constantly has to readjust his gameplay depending on who the host is.

But he had nothing but good things to say about Bialik as a host in a recent interview with The Washington Newsday. In his mind, she does a wonderful job balancing “fun” on set with “taking the job seriously.

“She is kind with the contestants, making them feel at ease in a stressful situation,” Amodio told the outlet.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Talks the Game Show’s Current Buzz

Few game shows have received the level of national attention and scrutiny that “Jeopardy!” has in recent months. Amodio addressed the buzz surrounding the show with The Washington Newsday.

“I think more people are talking about Jeopardy! today than they would have been otherwise,” Amodio said. “It’s hardly shocking to me that the hosting selection has gotten so much attention. It’s a testimonial to ‘Jeopardy!’s’ importance.”

And, equally so, to late host Alex Trebek’s importance.

“Our cultural identity is shaped by people like Alex Trebek. Alex is a revered figure, and moving on after the loss of a beloved symbol is never easy,” Amodio said.

But he also shouldn’t knock the fact that “Jeopardy” is a hot topic because of his incredible success so far. We haven’t seen a run like Amodio’s since James Holzhauer’s winning streak in 2019. And before that, Ken Jennings’s epic 2004 run. To this day, Jenning still holds the record for highest consecutive wins.

Amodio just overtook Holzhauer’s record of 32 games last week. Tonight, we’ll find out how much further the champion will go. And although he’s technically surpassed Holzhauer on the “Jeopardy!” leaderboard, Amodio said he knows who the better player is.

“I am so proud that a cursory glance of the #Jeopardy record books can now yield a wrong conclusion about which one of us is the better player,” Amodio tweeted earlier this week in response to Holzhauer’s congratulatory tweet.