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‘Jeopardy!’: How Mayim Bialik’s Big News About Other Show May Impact Hosting Duties

by Madison Miller
Photo by: FOX via Getty Images

As of now, it seems like “Jeopardy!” has finally figured out the hosting situation. Executives decided to have Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings switch off hosting responsibilities.

Bialik hosted for three weeks first and now Jennings is currently hosting for three weeks.

It seems to be a solid arrangement, however, fans of “Jeopardy!” are wondering if recent news from Bialik may disrupt this current arrangement. In addition to her job with “Jeopardy!” Mayim Bialik also stars in the Fox sitcom “Call Me Kat.”

‘Blossom’ Guests on ‘Call Me Kat’

She will be getting back together with some of her costars from the 1990s sitcom “Blossom” during the season two premiere. On “Call Me Kat” Bialik is a 39-year-old single woman that runs a cat cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. In between her cat duties, Kat is showing audiences how she can still lead a fulfilling life as a single woman.

She’s going to get some familiar company very soon. When “Call Me Kat” returns on January 9, Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oy, and Michael Stoyanov will all make an appearance. According to Entertainment Weekly, all these familiar actors will play characters stopping by for a celebrity golf tournament. This is how they end up in Kat’s cafe.

“Blossom” was a popular sitcom that aired for five seasons on NBC starting in 1991. It starred Bialik as a teenager that was living with her father and two elderly brothers. Her mother had left the family to focus on her own life and career, which left everyone to scramble to readjust. Stoyanov played her older brother Tony. He was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict that would eventually become a paramedic.

Lawrence played the middle child named Joey that was the epitome of a typical jock stereotype. Von Oy played her best friend in the series, Six Lemeure, a chronic rambler. The promo for the episode gives a humorous introduction to the guests on “Call Me Kat.” She introduces Oscar (Christopher Rivas) to the “stars of her favorite TV show when I was growing up.”

Bialik has been getting her fans excited for the news on Twitter by writing, “Whoa. This is some big fun news…a Blossom cast reunion is coming! Are you as excited as I am?”

Conflicts with ‘Jeopardy!’

For longtime fans of the ’90s sitcom, it’s a long-awaited reunion. Hopefully, it doesn’t interfere with her role on “Jeopardy!” either.

While looking for a permanent host, executives stated they were unsure if Bialik could take on the role due to scheduling conflicts with “Call Me Kat.” Mike Richards originally was selected to host the show, but he stepped down after a number of offensive comments from his past resurfaced. He was then fired as the executive producer of both “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

At the time, Bialik was selected as the host of primetime specials on ABC and other spin-offs or tournaments. It’s possible Bialik has worked out an arrangement to do both jobs for the immediate future.