‘Jeopardy!’: How Much Did Show Raise for Charity in David Faber’s Week as Guest Host?

by Jonathan Howard

Besides being a lot of entertainment and fun, the recent slew of guest Jeopardy! hosts have done a lot for charity. The latest host to take over in place of the late Alex Trebek was David Faber. The finance journalist from CNBC brought a bit of a steady and calm hand to the job. Many fans were fond of the performance, and Faber was able to raise money for Robin Hood, a charity based out of New York City.

Throughout the carousel of hosts, tons of money has been raised for some great charities. The charity David Faber chose to raise money for was Robin Hood. The charity promotes other non-profits in NYC that target poverty. For over 30 years, Robin Hood has been building better organizations to tackle poverty.

During the week David Faber hosted, $154,000 was raised for Robin Hood. The week of Faber was an eventful one. Contestant Matt Amodio amassed the 8th highest winnings total in Jeopardy! history. While Matt’s streak stared under Robin Roberts, the winner has gone on to dominate since. To date, Amodio has earned $394,600.

Among their various outreach programs and other ventures, Robin Hood takes a look at poverty with statistics and a modern approach. Their work has kept more than 200,000 New Yorkers from hunger and helped 10,000 others secure jobs and employment. While they perform their own programs, Robin Hood invests in other organizations to help build community.

David Faber Raises Money on ‘Jeopardy!’

Among the various programs and work that Robin Hood does day to day, their Poverty Tracker helps give a better understanding of what they are up against. Robin Hood also engages in public policy and uses lobbying efforts to make the changes that philanthropy alone cannot.

As for David Faber, the CNBC personality will likely not be the permanent replacement. Word has gotten out that Executive Producer Mike Richards is likely to become the show’s new host. Fans are a little upset that this is where the search has reportedly gone after going through so many other deserving hosts.

In particular, fans of LeVar Burton are a bit upset. Burton has been very vocal in his desire to become the new permanent host. While the decision isn’t 100% made, it is likely that Richards will be made the new host. However, despite the disappointing ending, the guest hosts have been remarkable and raised a ton of money for a variety of charities.

As Jeopardy! moves into the new era of the show, fans will need to adjust to whoever the new host is. The show has a certain rhythm and cadence that should be followed. Not only for fans but for contestants. The calm, cool demeanor of Alex Trebek will be hard to replicate. The new host will bring a new vibe to the show and their own personality to an extent. How fans feel about the change is yet to be determined.