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‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Asks ‘How Did We Get to This Place’ in Hilarious New Post

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images)

Ken Jennings is one of the most consistent people on Twitter. If you head to his profile, you’re not going to find a bunch of toxic political rants. Nor will you see him bragging about his many accomplishments. However, he could take all the time he wanted to brag if he wanted. His accomplishments are vast, varied, and impressive. For instance, he holds the record for the longest Jeopardy! winning streak. That brought Ken Jennings the record for being the biggest winner on any game show. On top of that, Jennings has written and released a dozen books. So yeah, he could toot his own horn all day and no one could fault him for it. He doesn’t though.

Instead of telling everyone how cool and smart he is, Ken Jennings tries to make people laugh. It seems like being funny on Twitter is Jennings’ life goal right now. Honestly, he’s killing it. Sure, many of his jokes are dad jokes. He also deals in puns as well as observational humor. He can turn just about anything he sees into a joke. For instance, he has his followers chuckling at Gmail’s quirky spellcheck habits in his latest tweet.

According to Ken Jennings’ tweet, Gmail is particular about how you shorten, “vaccinated.” Apparently, “vaxed,” is wrong. However, “vaxxed,” is just fine. Ken wonders how we got to a place where Gmail’s spellcheck has to decide which version of the shortened word is correct. However, it seems pretty clear. People all over the world are getting vaccinated. Everyone is hoping to get back to their normal lives. At the same time, many believe that getting vaccinated is the first step in doing so.

Ken Jennings Gets Clarification From A Follower

One follower was there to shed some light on Ken Jennings’ grammatical musings. According to a Twitter user who goes by the handle The Cuzn Ed the correction makes sense. He says that the single consonant would give “vaxed” a long “a” sound. On the other hand, doubling the consonant makes the vowel sound short. So, “vaxxed” is actually the correct way to shorten the word “vaccinated,” apparently.

So you can keep that in mind if you need to send an email and discuss your vaccination status.

I guess it all makes sense when you look at it from that angle. The fact that Gmail has loaded the word into its spellcheck dictionary makes sense too. However, the more I think about it, the more I side with Ken Jennings on this one.