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‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Asks for ‘Privacy During This Difficult Time’ in Funny New Post

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We generally assume that Ken Jennings is a true genius. After all, his whole brand is built on his big brain. He kicked his rise to prominence off with 74 straight Jeopardy! wins. Then, he went back to snag a Tournament of Champions win as well as the title of Greatest of All Time for the quiz show. Those accomplishments would be enough to prove that his intelligence is basically a superpower. However, he went on to use his grey matter for so much more. Jennings has appeared on several quiz shows in the past few years. Additionally, he has written twelve books and hosts an informational podcast. Currently, Ken Jennings serves as one of the Chasers on the hit ABC show The Chase. On that quiz show, his job is to outsmart contestants. In short, the guy is brilliant.

However, there are some brain teasers with which even the supermind of Ken Jennings cannot compete. He isn’t shy about it, though. Jennings is a man who will openly admit his defeat. He did so last night on Twitter.

It has been too hot to do much of anything in Ken Jennings’ hometown of Seattle, Washington. So, he has been doing the New York Times spelling bee. It seems like a great way to keep one’s brain busy. However, it looks like yesterday’s set of words was too much even for him. In a tweet admitting his defeat, Jennings wrote, “I am on four straight days of perfect NYT Spelling Bee scores, a personal best. But I’m three words away today and I just don’t think it’s going to happen for me. Asking for privacy during this difficult time.”

Ken Jennings Keeps Going

You have to hand it to Ken Jennings. He might be stumped but he keeps plugging along. In the original tweet, the photo shows that he found 22 words. He was pretty broken up about it. However, he posted a follow-up tweet not long after that. In that post, the photo shows that he had found 69 words. The caption he added to the screenshot shows that Jennings is keeping his, admittedly juvenile, sense of humor as well.

Ken Jennings wrote, “[through tears of despair[ nice.” in reference to finding 69 words on yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee.

This just goes to show that even the smartest among us have an off day from time to time. You can’t win them all. However, you can keep a stiff upper lip and a good attitude. Furthermore, not winning doesn’t make you a loser. The inability to accept your Ls with grace and a little humor is what makes someone a loser. We could learn a thing or two from Ken Jennings and his attitude.