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‘Jeopardy’ Icon Ken Jennings Cracks Hilarious Joke About Thirteen Original States Map

by John Jamison
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

Fresh off his run as the first guest host of “Jeopardy!” since Alex Trebek’s passing, Ken Jennings is having fun with his platform. The legendary game show contestant is back at it on Twitter with a hilarious take on a map of early America. And when Ken Jennings tweets, people laugh.

The recent exchange started with a Twitter user poking fun at early Virginia. The user dubbed the 1783 version of the state “Mega Virginia.” An appropriate name as it appears to dominate the rest of the country geographically.

Ken Jennings came back with a quip of his own. His quote tweet observes the elongated nature of America’s thirteen original states in all their post-revolutionary glory.

Ken Jennings: ‘Sorry I moved America while it was on the scanner’

“Sorry I moved America while it was on the scanner,” Jennings’ tweet says.

The funny observation evokes the image of America being stretched as if Ken accidentally slid the country across a scanner while it was mid-scan, giving the states their stretched appearance. The map is such a departure from the borders of contemporary America, one could almost believe that this is exactly what happened.

Jennings isn’t done, however. He follows the joke up with a reply saying, “It’s been a LONG VIRGINIA and there’s reason to believe”

Playing off his first joke, Ken Jennings once again references the strange-looking length of the states. But this time he shifts his focus to “Mega Virginia.”

Jennings cleverly substitutes his own name for 1783 Virginia into the lyrics of the song “A Long December” by famed rock group Counting Crows. “a LONG VIRGINIA” works syllabically and is certainly worth a chuckle or two as a follow-up joke.

For someone who earned his audience through sheer intelligence, Ken Jennings has been bringing some comedic heat as of late.

Perhaps all this funny engagement has something to do with him making a case for being the new permanent “Jeopardy!” host. It seems that there is a fair amount of support out there for him to fill the role. Judging by how the public received Dr. Oz as guest host recently, the show could definitely do worse than Ken Jennings.