‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Goes Off on New Meme Trend

by Matthew Wilson

“Jeopardy” legend Ken Jennings doesn’t want to know who could play your parents in a movie. The game show host goes off on a new meme format. Jennings is quickly garnering a reputation as the king of sass and wit on social media.

On Twitter, Jennings trades a number of witticisms and sarcastic remarks with various followers. And the “Jeopardy!” icon has his sights set on a new meme format. People have been celebrity casting their parents for a potential biopic about their lives. But Jennings said the format doesn’t really make sense, especially when people cast dead celebrities as their parents.

He wrote, “I’ve seen people using dead celebs, THEY CAN’T PLAY YOUR PARENTS IN THE MOVIE.”

Jennings responded to a Twitter user, who also criticized the meme format. That user said the format was driving them crazy.

“this meme format has been driving me nuts. not sure if the two celeb parents are supposed to look like yr actual parents or just a celeb pairing that might’ve produced someone similar to you physically and/or spiritually, or just 2 ppl you WISh were yr prents bc u like their vibe,” they wrote.

Ken Jennings Takes Aim at ‘Old-Time TV Hosts’

Don’t feel bad if you fan-casted John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara as your celebrity parents. You shouldn’t take Jennings’ remark personally. No one is safe from Ken Jennings’ trademark witty observations, not even former TV hosts.

In another tweet, Jennings observe a habit of old-time TV hosts that kind of annoyed him. They would address all of their audiences out in “TV Land.” But this never made much sense to Jennings, and he made his feelings known.

“Old-time TV hosts loved talking to audiences ‘out there in television land.’ This was insane, THEY were the ones in television land. We were in the real world. It’s time we started talking about this,” Jennings wrote on Twitter.

Of course, Jennings knows a few things about hosting himself. The former “Jeopardy!” champ recently stepped on the other side of the Daily Double. Jennings kicked off a series of guest hosts to fill in for late host Alex Trebek. And if “Jeopardy!” fans had their way, Jennings would be taking up the role full time going forward. It’s an idea that Jennings has at least considered.

After all, many consider Jennings to be the greatest “Jeopardy!” player to ever play the game show. So, hosting makes a certain amount of sense.