‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Jokingly Drops Fact Citing His Game Show Expertise

by Clayton Edwards

Over the past few years, Ken Jennings has come to be known for a few things. For one, he is a Jeopardy! legend. No one has ever raked in more money or claimed more wins on the show than Jennings. Also, he guest-hosted the show after Alex Trebek passed away.

There have been a few guest hosts so far. However, Ken seems to be the guy that many fans want to see taking over that lectern permanently. At the same time, Jennings has been on several other quiz-based game shows. He’s served as both host and contestant.

He is also known for his activity on Twitter. It seems like Ken Jennings always has a joke up his sleeve for any situation. That combination of wit and knowledge makes him a singularly entertaining guy.

Ken Jennings flexed his comedic muscles in response to comedian Mike Birbiglia’s question last night.

The stand-up comedian tagged Andy Slavitt, the White House Senior Advisor for COVID Response, in a tweet. He wanted to know if he and his wife, who are fully vaccinated and their young child would have to wait to see their kid’s fully vaccinated grandparents. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Since kids can’t get the vaccine just yet it’s important to make sure they stay safe. So, the question had merit.

Slavitt is probably a very busy guy. There doesn’t seem to be a response from him in the thread. However, Ken Jennings definitely had time to chime in.

Ken Jennings Drops Facts

In response to the comedian’s query, Ken Jennings said that there is no waiting time. He did clarify that he isn’t an epidemiologist. However, Jennings said, he was on a game show. It’s safe to say that Jennings knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Ken Jennings is selling himself a little short here, though. He hasn’t just been on “a game show,” he has been on several. He has also written a dozen books. Most of them are packed with trivia facts. Others are deep dives into obscure knowledge.

Ken Jennings is also constantly learning. He co-hosts the Omnibus Podcast. The show releases new episodes twice a week. In each episode, Jennings and his co-host John Roderick dive into strange but true stories from around the globe. Their goal is to create a time capsule of obscure knowledge for future generations.

So, if Ken Jennings says that there’s no waiting time for the stand-up comedian and his family, he’s probably right.