‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Nails Hilarious Reference to Viral Jimmy Carter Photo

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ken Jennings, inarguably the most successful Jeopardy! contestant of all time continues reining in the laughs via social media.

Known for his superior intellect and sharp wit, Jennings’s social media pages are full of one-liners and funny comments. The former Jeopardy! contestant is never hesitant with his humorous remarks and even wrote a book on comedy called “Planet Funny.”

The Jeopardy! champion often pokes fun of current topics in his social media posts, drawing the laughs of his nearly 500,000 Twitter followers. A recent viral photo featuring Joe and Jill Biden along with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter is the subject of his latest funny posts.

If you have yet to see the aforementioned viral photo it can be found here. The odd angle of the photo makes the Bidens look like giants and the Carters look like dwarfs. The photo has been making the internet rounds as many, including Jennings, are poking fun of it.

Responding to a friend’s photo of a squirrel sitting at a tiny picnic table, the former Jeopardy! host has a suggestion to make the photo funnier.

“This little picnic table is honestly the smartest purchase I have ever made,” the Twitter user says.

“Put a little Jimmy Carter on the other bench,” Jennings hilariously replies.

Jennings’s comedic response drew more than a few “LOL’s” from his social media followers.

Jeopardy! Legend Gets Guest Hosting Opportunity

The former 74-game Jeopardy! winner is coming off of a successful stint as the quiz show’s guest host. Jennings was the first to step in as host upon the passing of longtime game show moderator Alex Trebek. For 36 years, Trebek was the face of Jeopardy! until his death in November of last year due to pancreatic cancer. He was 80-years-old at the time of his death and recorded his final episodes just days before his passing.

Jennings was quite successful in his six-week run as Jeopardy! host and he is very well-liked amongst the show’s fans. His hosting stint led to a 6.0 Nielsen ratings score, making Jeopardy! the top ratings recipient among game shows. He expects to receive consideration for the permanent gig once Jeopardy! officials decide to take that route.

Journalist Bill Whitaker will be handling Jeopardy! hosting duties through next week, with his finale coming next Friday. The show will then enter its Tournament of Champions with former contestant Buzzy Cohen serving as guest host.