‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Playfully Drops ‘Terrible News’ as Show’s New Host Search Begins Again

by Clayton Edwards

Jeopardy! fans around the world have the show’s latest announcements on their mind. Recently, we learned that the upcoming season of the show will feature a string of guest hosts. As a result, many people are wondering who will be in that lineup. Additionally, the debate about who will take over full time is raging once again. However, if Ken Jennings has the host search on his mind, you wouldn’t be able to tell from his Twitter feed.

In fact, Ken Jennings hasn’t said much about the show publicly since Mike Richards stepped down as host. Instead, the Jeopardy! champ’s feed looks like business as usual. It’s full of his witty humor which is sprinkled with dad jokes and quirky observations. For instance, Jennings took to Twitter to share a photo of a choose your own adventure book coupled with some terrible news for, “you.”

The book is titled You Are a Shark. Ken Jennings saw that title and the magical dad joke creating machine in his brain started firing on all cylinders.

“Just terrible news for you here,” Jennings wrote. “I don’t see how you come back from this one.”

This tweet raises an interesting question. At what age does waking up and discovering that you’ve turned into an awesome sea creature become a negative thing? As kids, many people dreamed of being some kind of majestic creature that most only see on television or in zoos. As adults, it just seems like a hassle. The age where that changes seems like a good marker for when someone transitions into full adulthood.

Will Ken Jennings Return to ‘Jeopardy!’ as a Host?

As of right now, no one knows who will be in the upcoming lineup of guest hosts. In fact, Sony Pictures Television may not know. Mike Richards stepped down from the hosting position after one day of filming. His abrupt departure left the studio struggling to fill the role. As a result, they halted production and tapped Mayim Bialik to fill in for Richards. The Big Bang Theory alum will helm fifteen episodes after Richards’ five-episode run ends.

However, many Jeopardy! fans believe that Ken Jennings is a shoo-in to take Alex Trebek’s place. They aren’t alone in that, either. In fact, several staffers on the show believe that Trebek wanted Jennings to be his successor. They have good reason to believe this, too.

Ken Jennings bonded with Alex Trebek during his record-setting winning streak on the show. Furthermore, when Ken came in for his first day as a guest host, he found a special gift from Trebek’s widow.

Upon entering his dressing room, Jennings found a set of Alex’s cufflinks waiting for him along with a handwritten note from Trebek’s widow.

However, we won’t know anything until Sony releases more details in the near future.