‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Reveals His Hilarious Approach to Parenting: ‘Always a Moving Target’

by Jonathan Howard

Throughout his career as a television personality, Ken Jennings has brought a goofy, nerdy take to all things. When Jennings isn’t setting records on Jeopardy!, hosting his podcast, or the many other things he takes on professionally, he is a parent. With children aged 14 and 18, Jennings knows a few ins and outs and even has lessons to share.

So, if you ever wondered how the world’s best trivia player approaches parenting, strap in. In a discussion with Yahoo Life’s, So Mini Ways, the former Jeopardy! champion gave a few insights into parenting. First and foremost, there isn’t much you can prepare for. Just be ready to adjust and act accordingly, or in Jennings’ words, “Parenting is always a moving target: you’re really just responding to the current needs of the kid.” Wise words from the Jeopardy! segment producer.

However, parenting for Jennings isn’t just reacting to your child. There is a lot of work parents have to do to understand their children. Jennings says, “It’s a lot of listening, because the kid will tell you what you need — but it’s not going to be what you expect and it’s not what you remember you needing at their age.” Keeping your ears and mind open to your child’s needs is important for successful parenting.

Jeopardy! Champion and New Host

While Ken Jennings filled in as a guest host on Jeopardy! he will not be the new host. As for the permanent replacement for Alex Trebek, that is going to two different hosts. Mike Richards, executive producer of the show, and Mayim Bialik. Bialik is an actress most well known for her role in The Big Bang Theory.

With the announcement of Mike Richards being the permanent host for all regular shows, there have been a ton of reactions. Richards and the producers at Jeopardy! thought so highly of Ken Jennings and his hosting abilities, they had him fill in the first week after Alex Trebek’s last show. When he was asked how he thought Jennings did, he said “Ken did an amazing job; that’s why we picked him to do it.”

So, what does Jennings think about the news of the new hosts? Well, maybe this tweet gives a bit of insight.

All joking aside, it seems that the new hosts will be well received. Jennings is ready to work on the new season coming up. As a team member on the show, he has a lot of work to do for the new season and the new hosts. With special episodes and spin-offs being hosted by Bialik, the show could have a different dimension than before. However, it seems to be in good hands. With an Alex Trebek superfan like Jennings on staff, the show is sure to stay true to its roots.