‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Reveals Text Messages of Hysterical ‘Update From His Dad’

by Clayton Edwards

We all know that Ken Jennings is one of the funniest guys on Twitter. He has a way with words that can make the mundane hilarious. He’s a master of wordplay, dad jokes, and puns. So, that leaves some of us wondering where he picked up his witty sense of humor. Is it possible that he picked it up along his knowledge-gathering journey? After all, Jennings is like a walking encyclopedia. His head is full to the seams with random knowledge. That collection of facts helped him win big on Jeopardy! some years back. It also helped him write a dozen books. One of those books is called Planet Funny: How Comedy Ruined Everything. That doesn’t tell us where the humor came from, though.

Ken Jennings may have solved the riddle for us mere hours ago. He posted a screenshot of a text message from his dad. In that text message, we can see that the Elder Jennings has the same brand of humor as the Jeopardy! champ and all-around trivia master. Check out the screenshot. It looks just like something Jennings would tweet on a normal day. Like father, like son.

We get one key hint in the tweet. Ken Jennings says of his dad, “He’s still got it.” This means that Ken was raised on this kind of humor. Sure, we all talk about dad jokes. They’ve become a bit of a meme in recent years. However, it seems that the Jennings men are steeped in the official humor of fatherhood. Who knows, maybe it’s a tradition that goes back to the beginning of their bloodline. I could imagine Ken’s great-great-great-great-grandfather making old-time Celtic dad jokes. What if the Jennings family secretly invented dad jokes generations ago? It’s not likely. However, it is possible.

Ken Jennings’ Humor is Contagious

Ken Jennings has a pretty big following on Twitter. Just under 500,000 people see his random thoughts and off-beat humor every day. So, it’s no surprise that the replies to his tweets are regularly filled with comedy gold.

In the screenshot, Ken Jennings’ dad says that he is working his way through 20 years of Law & Order. He goes on to say that there should be a gardening show called Lawn Order. In the replies, we see that the Elder Jennings isn’t the only one who has had this thought.

One of Ken Jennings’ followers added a photo of a Saskatchewan-based lawn company that almost hits the mark. Someone needs to travel to Canada and give these folks a show.