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‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Screenshots Hilarious Text Exchange With His Teen Kids: ‘Very Proud’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Not only is “Jeopardy!” legend Ken Jennings the ultimate server of terrible (and funny) dad jokes, but he’s also just an all-around great dad.

Jennings loves to entertain his Twitter followers with updates on his two teenage kids. His experiences are ones all parents can relate to, and several mention that in the replies of his tweets. Yesterday, the “Jeopardy!” champ shared a particularly wholesome but hilarious exchange with one of his kids via text.

“Very proud that my teen kids still love spending quality time with their dad,” Jennings captioned the post.

In the text exchange, one of his kids asks Jennings to go shopping, to which Jennings replies, “You’re willing to hang out with me in hopes that I will buy you jeans and I am INTO that!”

His kid has the perfect response. “And anime graphic tees!!”

Apparently, Jennings is totally aware of the fact that he’s getting swindled into spending more than just time with his kids. And apparently, his kids know that they should milk his generosity for all he’s worth.

It’s nice to see that the “Jeopardy!” legend appreciates the time with his children, even if he is paying for it. Soon enough, those kids will be out of the house and on their own, making Jennings wish he’d bought more jeans and anime graphic tees for them when he had the chance.

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As a bonus, Jennings’ kids seem to be keeping him up with modern times as well. Anime is all the rage for youngsters nowadays, so the “Jeopardy!” star will get a first-hand look at which ones are popular enough to deserve their own merch.

Plus, his kids can help him keep up with the rising YouTube stars and streamers. Per Jennings’ last tweet, when he went to see Ryan Reynolds’ new movie “Free Guy,” he felt positively ancient in the movie theater.

“Every time the audience around you gasps in delight as they recognize a favorite streamer or YouTuber cameo in Free Guy, you age one hundred years,” the “Jeopardy!” star wrote in a tweet.

Several parents related to Jennings’ message. Luckily, most also had a teenager on hand to explain who’s who and why everyone in the theater is freaking out over this random voice cameo.

Despite his unfamiliarity with some of the stars of the film, it sounds like Jennings didn’t want to miss out on seeing it in theaters. Or seeing any movie in theaters, for that matter. Last week, the “Jeopardy!” legend revealed just how much he loves dragging his family to the local movie theater, which has likely been closed for a year due to COVID.

“I have a Notes document on my phone listing which rows are the best seats for every screen at every local movie theater, this is normal right?”