‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Makes Incredibly Specific ‘Star Trek’ Reference After New Guidelines Released

by Jon D. B.

On the eve of the CDC’s updated mask guidelines, leave it to Jeopardy!‘s Ken Jennings to make a remarkably obscure Star Trek reference in celebration.

Any other The Next Generation acolytes out there? This one’s for you.

Ken Jennings continues his reign as the Obscure Pop Culture Reference King of Twitter Thursday with this remarkably specific Star Trek: TNG tweet. As we enter a different era via the CDC’s updated mask guidelines, the Jeopardy! legend is hitting followers with a TNG Season 7 reference that’s sure to make other diehard fans chuckle by the implications alone.

“I am fully vaccinated but will still be wearing my mask until Korgano speaks to Masaka and she vanishes from the sky,” Jennings tweets mid-day:

To the average tweeter, this reads as nothing more than a run-on mess of nonsense. To Star Trek fans, however, Korgano and Masaka immediately conjure visions of one of The Next Generation‘s most bonkers of entries.

‘Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings: King of Obscure Pop Culture References

In the aptly-titled Season 7 episode, “Masks,” Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew investigate a rogue comet that’s been zagging the universe for 87 million years. Once contact is made, however, the entity reveals itself as an alien vessel. Picard and the senior crew are then pushed to their limits when the alien beings within infest the Enterprise’s computer systems – alongside Commander Data himself.

What follows is some of the absolute best – or worst – of The Next Generation depending on which fan you ask. Brent Spiner’s Data is an absolute all-star player in Star Trek canon, delivering some of the absolute best storylines the franchise has seen to date. In “Masks,” though, Spiner takes things… a bit far with his character choices as the aliens project themselves through Data.

It’s absolutely jarring at first, yes. But if you’ve been along for the ride for the first six seasons of TNG – it’s a brilliant piece of storytelling once you give yourself over to it.

Of course, the Sun & Moon deity masks that Data and Picard end up sporting don’t even cover their mouths. Or their noses. But that’s not the point here, is it?

The point is that Jeopardy!‘s Ken Jennings shall never be topped as the King of Obscure Pop Culture References. And that’s one of a thousand reasons why the icon should inherit the podium from his late mentor, Alex Trebek.

As Picard would say: Make it so, Jeopardy!.