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‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Takes Hilarious Jab at ‘The Chase’ Co-Star James Holzhauer’s Fashion Choices

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

On Sunday afternoon, Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings was back at it on social media ribbing his fellow game show champion James Holzhauer.

Jennings and Holzhauer are both two of the most decorated contestants in Jeopardy! history. Jennings owns a 74-game win streak, which is still a record on the game show. As for Holzhauer, he has a 32-game win streak himself and is the third-highest earning contestant in American game show history.

Additionally, the two game show icons have used their trivia smarts to transition to another game show. They each also star on The Chase competing against a group of contestants trying to win the show’s money. However, the two former Jeopardy! champions are also good friends who enjoy a laugh at each other’s expense at times. The pair are often seen trading good-natured jabs on Twitter.

The Chase shared a promo clip for tonight’s episode, and it didn’t take Jennings long to pounce. Holzhauer enters the game show in sunglasses, and gives an amusing explanation as to why. Yet Jennings wasn’t having it. He joked that the sunglasses were a “terrible” idea, but that fans should watch the episode anyway.

“Are the sunglasses a terrible idea? Yes. Should you watch @James_Holzhauer on The Chase tonight anyway? Absolutely,” Ken Jennings hilariously tweeted.

“Will @James_Holzhauer be able to keep up his track record? Find out tomorrow on an all-new #TheChase,” the game show wrote on Twitter.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champions Attend Seattle Mariners Game Together

As previously mentioned, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer share a friendly rivalry together. But the two Jeopardy! champions also genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company. That was evident just a few days ago when the two brainiacs attended a Seattle Mariners home game.

Jennings grew up in the Seattle, Washington area and is a diehard Mariners fan. He often goes to games and posts about his favorite baseball team. On Thursday, Holzhauer joined him as Seattle faced the Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners ended up with a 6-5 win on the day, which surely pleased Jennings. But for Holzhauer, the pair’s Jumbotron moment seemed to be the highlight of the game for him.

During the game, the two Jeopardy! champs ended up on T-Mobile Park’s huge Jumbotron screen in the outfield. Under Jennings’ name the stadium wrote “Really Smart.” In addition, under Holzhauer’s name, it read “Also Really Smart.” Holzhauer made sure to capture the moment and joked that he had reached one of his “lifelong” goals.

“Finally achieved my lifelong goal to be second banana on the Jumbotron!” Holzhauer wrote along with his Jumbotron photo.

It can’t be easy to be that smart, but then have Ken Jennings around you often. Second fiddle will have to do. Sorry, James.