‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Takes Hilarious Shot at TV Show ‘Believable Band Name’

by Clayton Edwards

It’s not a secret that Ken Jennings is very active on Twitter. After all, he has to find some way to fill his time. In recent years, Jennings has become one of the greatest players to ever step on the Jeopardy! stage. He has also hosted the hit quiz show. Ken doesn’t limit his mastery of trivia to one show, either. In fact, he has been on several shows including The Chase. Jennings has also written 12 books. So, without much currently going on, he has to find something to keep his mind occupied.

Ken Jennings doesn’t shy away from anything on Twitter. If he sees a topic that tickles his fancy, he jumps right into the fray without a second thought. Luckily the Jeopardy! GOAT is one of the funniest guys on the platform. So, when he jumps into a conversation, you can bet that most people involved are going to have a good laugh.

Yesterday, Ken Jennings showed once again that he’ll jump into just about any conversation. He added his humor to a thread about band names in television shows. When SNL writer/producer Alex Baze tweeted, “There’s never been a believable band name in a TV show,” Jennings couldn’t help but jump in.

Ken Jennings added, “Any writer can direct but not every director could write a believable band name in a TV show.”

Ken Jennings and Alex Baze Aren’t Wrong

Ken Jennings and Alex Baze make some solid points. Many TV shows have featured fictional bands over the years. Hardly any of them have names that are even close to believable. To prove how correct Baze and Jennings are, let’s look at a few fictional bands from classic television.

The Happy Days universe featured a couple of bands with insanely unbelievable names. For instance, Laverne and Shirley had Lenny and the Squigtones. To be fair, they did release a real album, according to MeTV. However, that doesn’t make the band name sound any more real. Happy Days featured Leather and the Suedes and Johnny Fish and the Fins. Were they even trying?

Ken Jennings and Alex Baze would have had a field day with The Monkees. They were a real band. At the same time, they were a fake band for a TV show of the same name. They were like the off-brand Beatles or the Prefab Four. They had some competition on the show that made their band name sound downright practical. For instance, The Foreign Agents and The Four Martians both make The Monkees sound believable by comparison.

In short, Ken Jennings was right. Writing believable band names apparently isn’t an easy thing to do.