‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Takes Hilariously Sarcastic Shot at His Hometown’s Weather

by Clayton Edwards

The Pacific Northwest has its charms. The forests are beautiful. Additionally, cities like Seattle host countless top-notch breweries and coffee shops. However, the crown jewel of the region is its weather. This is especially true for those of us who start summer a few months early and end it later than others. However, this year is a little different. A record-breaking heatwave is currently cranking up the temperature in the region. In fact, they’re looking at triple digits. Jeopardy! legend and Seattle resident Ken Jennings is not happy about the change in weather.

Justin Gehrts, a meteorologist, opened the door for Jennings to air his grievances with the heatwave. He posted a tweet saying, “Every time I see stuff about the record-smashing heat wave hitting the Pacific Northwest, I weirdly wonder if Ken Jennings has air conditioning.”

Ken Jennings replied with his usual snark and sarcasm. However, you can’t really blame him. People usually get a little touchy when the mercury starts to rise. Jennings is no exception to that rule. However, we should cut him a break. It isn’t easy to prepare for a record-breaking heatwave.

Ken Jennings won all that money on Jeopardy!, wrote a dozen books, and stars on The Chase. However, it seems that he doesn’t have an air conditioner. I’m sure that’s normal for places where the temps don’t get that high. However, as someone who has lived in the south his entire life, I can’t imagine life without that sweet sweet A/C.

Ken Jennings explained why he didn’t have air conditioning with his special brand of snark. He said, “It’s supposed to be cool and depressing here until the 4th of July.” The Jeopardy! legend added a bright red angry face emoji to drive the point home.

Twitter Users Share Ken Jennings’s Displeasure With The Weather

Ken Jennings isn’t the only one in the Pacific Northwest who is suffering from the sweltering heat. His replies were full of people sounding off about the region’s weather.

One Twitter user chimed in, sharing Ken Jennings’ view of the region’s normal weather. However, he took it one step further saying, “5th* of July. We never get good weather for the 4th.” Another Seattle resident is already fed up with the weather. She replied saying, “July 5th summer starts. I am almost done with summer and it isn’t even July yet. Boo Seattle.” One more area resident added, “My makeup is literally melting.”