‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Takes Major Jab at Famous Candy Brand

by Clayton Edwards

Currently, Ken Jennings splits his time between his family, The Chase, and being funny online. However, he made a name for himself by being right. In fact, he was right so often that he won 74 straight games of Jeopardy!. So, it’s safe to say that he has a pretty wide knowledge base.

Ken Jennings doesn’t just flex his considerable brainpower on quiz shows. He also has a bi-weekly podcast in which he and his guest host detail strange news stories. They hope that Omnibus will be a knowledge-packed time capsule for future generations. Jennings has also written twelve books. Most of those books are for children. In them, he teaches them all about a wide array of topics one piece of trivia at a time. So, Ken Jennings didn’t just make a name for himself by being correct. It’s kind of his career.

So, that makes me wonder if he isn’t right about Necco wafers. In a recent tweet, Ken Jennings posted an alleged fact about the chalky candy discs. Sure, it was a joke. However, you know there’s always a kernel of truth at the heart of every good laugh. Check out his tweet below.

In the tweet, Ken Jennings says, “DID YOU KNOW? Every roll of Neccos was made in a single batch in 1847 and they still haven’t sold any of them yet.”

Unrolling Ken Jennings’ Joke

There’s no way he can be completely correct. After all, plenty of people have tried Necco wafers. Some say that if you eat the chalky candy discs your mouth will be dry forever. I remember trying them as a child on a dare. To this day, I can’t get enough water. If you spill something and have Necco Wafers on hand, they work great as tiny sponges. They don’t get any less chalky. But, they’re so dry that they’ll totally decimate any moisture in a three-foot radius.

Also, I don’t know what something from 1847 would taste like. But, whatever flavor it is supposed to be plus chalk from a schoolmarm’s blackboard sounds about right. So, maybe the world’s entire supply of these candies was pressed in the same couple of days. It’s just that hardly anyone eats them on purpose.

Now, I’m not saying that Ken Jennings is absolutely correct about Necco Wafers. However, I would say it’s not the least plausible thing I’ve seen on Twitter lately.