‘Jeopardy!’ Is Introducing a ‘Second Chance Tournament’

by Victoria Santiago

Everyone’s favorite game show, Jeopardy!, is giving us another new tournament. Its been aptly named the Second Chance Tournament. So, who exactly is this tournament for? The answer is a little complex, seeing as how the Jeopardy!-verse feeds into itself in so many different ways. We’ll try to break it down.

First, a little bit of background. We’re currently watching the Jeopardy! National College Championship play out. Whoever eventually wins the National College Championship will go on to compete in Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. There will be four semifinalists for the National College Championship, but only three will go on to the final. In this way, the dynamics of the semifinal and the final are not perfect. However, the masterminds at the game show have thought up a solution.

That’s where Jeopardy! Second Chance Tournament comes in. The tournament will happen in between the National College Championship and the Tournament of Champions. Whoever places fourth in the semifinals of the National College Championship will go on to compete in the Second Chance Tournament. In addition to that, the winner of the tournament will go on to also compete in the Tournament of Champions.

‘Jeopardy! Second Chance Tournament’ Will Allow Great Contestants to Come Back

The idea for Jeopardy! Second Chance Tournament was thought of way before this year’s National College Championship, though. As soon as executive producer Michael Davies joined the game show, he was already thinking about it.

“I started thinking about a Second Chance Tournament almost the day I started on Jeopardy!, when Jessica Stephens beat Matt Amodio, but lost to Jonathan Fisher by just $401,” Michael Davies wrote. “I thought, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to have a tournament where we bring excellent contestants like Jessica back?’ Like most good ideas, it was quickly apparent that many, many other people – both inside and outside the show – had had exactly the same thought, long before me.”

The Only Downside Is the Time Limit

Before you get excited that you might get the chance to see your favorite Jeopardy! contestant again, pause. There are timeline rules and criteria that contestants must meet, of course. As of right now, the tournament is only open to those that have played Jeopardy! since the last Tournament of Champions. Michael Davies understands the frustration that many players and fans probably feel at this rule. Since the Second Chance Tournament will be brand new, the game show will have to ease into setting solid rules and expectations for it.

“I know there will be many contestants from previous years who will be howling at this point, and I do not rule out a future opportunity to compete again for some of you,” Michael Davies wrote on the Jeopardy! website. “But for now this is part of the postseason for this season.” According to the executive producer, we’ll be hearing more rules and announcements about Jeopardy! Second Chance Tournament soon.