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‘Jeopardy!’: Is Robin Roberts Pausing ‘GMA’ Duties to Record New ‘Jeopardy!’ Episodes?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports)

Former Jeopardy! guest host, Robin Roberts is putting a pause on her Good Morning American duties. The break has people asking questions. While it is likely a standard vacation or some other reason, there is one possibility that would be pretty convenient.

Recently, Mike Richards was selected as the new permanent host of Jeopardy! but that has proven to be short-lived. Past comments caught up with the executive producer and he will now step down as host. In 2021, everything on the internet is there forever. Past comments will be dug up, and fans will let their feelings be known.

For fans of Robin Roberts, this is a great conspiracy theory to dig into. Did Jeopardy! reverse course and select Roberts in place of Richards? Unlikely, but the timing sure is great for speculation. The basic idea is that she is taking a GMA break to record a number of shows for the trivia game.

However, for those that like Roberts on the news, that won’t change. She insists that she will be back this fall for her regular gig. In the Instagram post, fans wished Roberts a happy and restful break. For one of the show’s longest mainstays, it is well deserved. While she won’t be hosting Jeopardy! the news anchor will be back on your televisions soon enough.

Not to mention, Roberts has more going on than just her day job on the news. Over on Disney+ she hosts Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts. During her hosting duties, Roberts admitted that she was nervous and out of her “comfort zone”. However, despite the nerves, she performed quite well on the show. For the time being, she will remain on the morning news on ABC, greeting America as the sun rises.

‘Jeopardy!’ Next Steps after Mike Richards

Well, here’s the awkward thing: Mike Richards will stay at Jeopardy! as executive producer. It has also been announced that the Richards episodes already recorded will be aired. That means Matt Amodio will be back as champion. Meanwhile, the show needs a new host. Once again, fans have called out for LeVar Burton. While others would like to see Buzzy Cohen or Ken Jennings.

What is clear is that Jeopardy! needs a non-controversial host. One that hasn’t had a history of issues on previous shows or saying inappropriate things on podcasts. There are plenty of options that would make sense. Robin Roberts is one of those, but she does have a pretty sweet gig at GMA. It is not hyperbole to say the future of the show depends on it. While Alex Trebek cannot be fully replaced, there are suitable hosts that can carry the torch. Let’s hope the next choice sticks!