‘Jeopardy!’ J!6: Everything To Know About the Game Based on the Show

by Jon D. B.

Ready to test your mettle with questions straight from every single episode of “Jeopardy”? Now you can! Time for J!6, straight from “America’s Favorite Quiz Show!”

Did you know that every category written for “Jeopardy!” episodes contain an extra clue? In order to bring fans an interactive experience straight from the production archives, “Jeopardy!” has launched their online game: J!6.

But what exactly is J!6? In short, it’s a bit of extra fun for “Jeopardy!” die-hards that runs on the game show’s official website after every single episode of the show. Within, fans can put their knowledge to the test with a set of 6 “extra” questions leftover from each night’s episode. So when that original 30 minutes of “Jeopardy!” is up, J!6 is right at your fingertips for more trivia action.

According to Jeopardy.com, here’s how it works:

Watch “Jeopardy!” when it airs, and play along with the night’s contestants. Then, head on over to Jeopardy.com for a corresponding J!6 round. Each J!6 offering includes six categories from that night’s episode, then moves onto “Final J!”

For each category of J!6, six seconds goes on the clock. “Jeopardy!” hopefuls then have these six seconds to select the correct answer before the game automatically moves onto the next category.

In addition, fans can create a MyJeopardy account to keep track of their scores and overall performance. Jeopardy.com also allows for sharing scores on social media to “foster a little competitive spirit.”

And if that’s not enough to win you over, each round of J!6 begins with classic narration from late, great host – Alex Trebek.

‘Jeopardy!’ J6 Brings the Game Show Home to Fans

The game has come a long way since “Jeopardy!” launched their J!6 BETA in September of 2020. The show says they’ve “since fine tuned J!6 and the result is a game that’s even more fun and true to the show.”

All in all, the game show’s J!6 is a great way for fans of America’s most prolific trivia show to get in on the fun. And remember, every day there’s a new episode of “Jeopardy!”, there will be a new J!6 game, too.

To give J!6 a spin for yourself, head on over to the official J!6 page. There, you can play each day’s round, and sign up for your MyJeopardy account to keep track of your wins. Here, J!6 promises a “whole new set of J!6 clues” every weekday the show airs.

Ready to give it a try? Become your own “Jeopardy!” champion now with J!6!