‘Jeopardy!’: James Holzhauer Fires Back at Ken Jennings with Hilarious Photo

by Jennifer Shea

James Holzhauer won 32 consecutive games of “Jeopardy!” and took home more than $2.4 million. Ken Jennings won 74 “Jeopardy!” games in a row and took home upwards of $2.5 million.

Now the two “Jeopardy!” greats are locked in a Twitter battle, with Holzhauer most recently firing back at Jennings, who had taken a shot at his “Jeopardy!” winning streak.

It all started when Holzhauer griped, “I wish they’d stop giving automatic bids to these small conference champs that can’t compete with the big boys.”

That prompted Jennings to reply, “A 30+-game winning streak and then a shocking loss? You should LOVE these guys!”

So then Holzhauer replied to Jennings with a doctored photo showing himself, Jennings and Brad Rutter with the captions “Ken on Jeopardy” ($34,181), “Ken on Twitter” ($65,600) and “Brad on Jeopardy” ($0).

Both Holzhauer and Jennings appear on ABC’s “The Chase,” a game show in which the contestants battle a professional quizzer, or chaser, who is trying to stop them from winning a cash prize.

James Holzhauer’s Stint on ‘Jeopardy!’

When he was on the show, Holzhauer drew on his experience as a professional gambler to make large, risky wagers. He also showed a superstitious streak, reportedly calculating his Final Jeopardy wagers to add up to a number with some personal significance to him, like his anniversary date.

In his 33rd appearance on “Jeopardy!”, Holzhauer lost to University of Chicago librarian Emily Boettcher, according to Biography.com. The final question was, “The line ‘A great reckoning in a little room’ in ‘As You Like It’ is usually taken to refer to this author’s premature death.”

The answer was, “Who is Marlowe?”

“I lost to a really top-level competitor,” Holzhauer said later. “She played a perfect game. And that was what it took to beat me.”

Even so, Holzhauer was taken aback by the extent of his winning streak, according to Biography.com. He also expressed shock at the level of celebrity that his “Jeopardy!” stint brought.

“I did expect to do pretty well when I was on the show, but I thought maybe I could win maybe six, seven episodes,” he said. “Certainly not 32, and certainly not this level of money. I think the amount of attention it’s gotten has surprised me.”

Fast forward to today, when Holzhauer certainly seems to enjoy all the attention that his Twitter back-and-forth with Jennings is bringing. And who knows, maybe Jennings will keep the competition going with a follow-up tweet.