‘Jeopardy!’: James Holzhauer Hilariously Trolled Alex Trebek Using Pat Sajak’s Name at GOAT Championships

by Chris Haney

Early last year, former Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer shared a hilarious final answer during a special television event on the game show.

Holzhauer was one of three contestants invited back to the show for the epic Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time event. The short series brought back three of the highest money winners in Jeopardy! history. Former champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter rounded out the trio along with Holzhauer.

Ken Jennings is arguably the greatest Jeopardy! champion ever, and his performance in the event backed that up. He also still holds the record for most wins on the game show with 74 straight victories. Additionally, Brad Rutter holds the title for the most money ever won by a contestant.

Furthermore, James Holzhauer is the record holder for all 15 top single-game winnings records on the show. So it was a packed event with a lot on the line.

In January 2020, the three champions came together to compete for $1 million and the title of “The Greatest of All Time.” The contestants faced off in a series of matches with the first player to win three rounds taking home the grand prize. In addition, the two runners up received $250,000 each. Quite the consolation prize for the losing players. Yet one match’s Final Jeopardy! answer stole the show during the event.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Amusingly ‘Wished’ Contestant Lost More Money With Final Answer

During the third match of the series, the contestants were presented with “21st Century Oscar Winners” as their Final Jeopardy! category. The clue read: “These 2 foreign-born directors have each won 2 best director Oscars, but none of their films has won best picture.”

Since Holzhauer trailed the other two champions, his answer was revealed first. He obviously had no idea who the directors were so he decided to have some fun with his answer. He wrote: “Who is the GHOST? (Greatest Host of Syndicated TV) Pat Saj Alex Trebek.”

“Ah, thank you. Thank you,” Alex Trebek said. But then the longtime Jeopardy! host realized Holzhauer began to write Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak‘s name first.

“So you’re losing 908 points… and you started to write Pat Sajak, is that right?” Trebek asked Holzhauer.

“What??” Holzhauer jokingly responded while playing dumb.

“I wished you had risked more points,” Trebek said as everyone, including the crowd, shared a laugh.

Of course, Ken Jennings went on to win his second match as the rest of the contestants’ final answers were revealed. He also went on to win the fourth match, securing $1 million and the title of Jeopardy!‘s “The Greatest of All Time.”