‘Jeopardy!’ Icon James Holzhauer Shades ABC After ‘The Chase’ Season 2 Lineup Announcement

by Will Shepard

Even though James Holzhauer didn’t win the biggest game of Jeopardy! ever, he did incredibly well. He certainly made it tough on Ken Jennings during that game. Now though, both game show icons are must-follows on Twitter.

Most recently, he threw a little bit of shade towards another show. The second season of ABC’s The Chase is right around the corner. Holzhauer is one of the chasers on the show alongside another Jeopardy! legend, Ken Jennings.

It appears, though, that the show told Holzhauer not to post anything that would spoil the lineup. So, he seemingly respected the show’s wishes and didn’t say anything about it.

However, The Chase must have forgotten that they had already released a teaser about the show. Consequently, he jokingly let them know that they were being ridiculous.

The former Jeopardy! contestant took to social media to poke fun of the show. He said, “ABC: Hey James, please don’t spoil our Season 2 Chaser lineup until we coordinate our big announcement. Also ABC, two days ago.” In the tweet, he showed a picture that the show had put out of the lineup for the second season.

This Is Not the First Time That the “Jeopardy!” Icon Has Thrown Some Shade Around

Just like his Jeopardy! counterpart, Ken Jennings, Holzhauer likes to poke fun of things on Twitter. And similar to Jennings, you can almost always count on it to be hilarious.

But, in an in-person discussion about some of the greatest contestants on the game show, Holzhauer weighed in. In the conversation, he joked about how he had a special move to improve his thinking ability. But he said that it did make him look pretty silly.

What was the former Jeopardy! player’s trick to adding brainpower? It’s squinting.

In the video, he joked with Jennings and Brad Rutter that “squinting improves your brainpower by 100 percent.” The three of them were watching a video in which Holzhauer squints his eyes as he tries to come up with an answer to the question.

Despite the irrefutable evidence that suggests squinting raises your IQ, the three got more serious. They talked about their strategies to approach Jeopardy!

They give a unique look into how each of them attacks questions even if they don’t know the answer. They all speak to weeding through each of the weaker answers before choosing their best guess. But, the trick is to cycle through all the options as fast as possible – in a few seconds.