‘Jeopardy!’ James Holzhauer Shuts Down Brother in Hilarious Tweet after City Council Election

by John Jamison

James Holzhauer won $2.4 million on “Jeopardy!” That’s a staggering achievement. But how does it stack up against getting elected to the city council?

Anyone with siblings knows that things can get competitive at times. That’s why a Twitter user took an opportunity to call attention to Ian Holzhauer’s recent achievement.

Ian, James’ brother, was elected to the Naperville city council in Illinois this week. The Twitter user tried his best to stir the pot between the two.

He asks, “I wonder if Ian now has the bragging rights at the family parties?” after congratulating him on his appointment.

“Jeopardy!” James Holzhauer’s response? A very matter of fact “no.”

The hilarious response is exactly what you’d expect from a competitive brother. A bit savage, yes. But also true.

Not taking anything away from Ian. Getting elected to the city council is absolutely a big thing and deserves recognition.

But we’re still left asking ourselves, at what level of public office will Ian’s headlines stop referring to him as the brother of James Holzhauer? That seems like a pretty good metric for the shifting of bragging rights.

The “Jeopardy!” star isn’t coming away completely unscathed, however. Some Twitter users came to Ian’s defense.

“James, what happened? Ian got the good looks. What did you get?” said one.

Another joked, “James Holtzhauer, brother of Napier councilman Ian Holtzhauer, responds.”

“Does your brother get a parking placard? He can park where ever he wants? Because if he does that is pretty cool,” added another.

Show Featuring “Jeopardy!” Icons Gets Renewed

To make things even worse for Ian, “The Chase,” a show on which James Holzhauer was featured alongside fellow “Jeopardy!” legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, just got renewed for another season.

Yet another achievement in the James column. And the timing couldn’t be worse as the news could very easily overshadow Ian’s election.

Of course, we can only hope that the two brothers have a relationship where they are able to joke about these kinds of things. Otherwise, the “Jeopardy!” star’s tweet isn’t nearly as hilarious.