‘Jeopardy!’ Announcer Johnny Gilbert Had Recording Studio Built At His Home So He Could Continue Working Remotely

by Will Shepard

Johnny Gilbert is one of the most iconic names in game show history. He is 92-years-old and still going strong as the Jeopardy! announcer.

When the pandemic hit, though, the legendary game show needed to make some adjustments. The major priority for the show was to figure out how to continue to operate. Consequently, there were a lot of different solutions that surfaced, many of which worked.

A priority for the show was to make sure that Johnny Gilbert was safe. So when Jeopardy! returned to filming, the show decided that getting Johnny Gilbert to stay as safe as possible was the priority.

So, the game show decided, with Gilbert’s blessing, of course, to build him a studio at his house. The Jeopardy! engineers got to work and built a working studio for him to record from.

Unfortunately, this means that the guest hosts don’t get to meet the iconic announcer. There was footage recently showing Gilbert waving from his usual spot next to the judges. But that was recycled footage from earlier on Jeopardy!

Johnny Gilbert Is A Crucial Part of “Jeopardy!”

Johnny Gilbert has been a part of Jeopardy! for many years, 37 to be exact. Just like Alex Trebek, Gilbert holds his own game show record. In 2017, he earned the record for having the longest career as a game show announcer for a single show.

His importance to the show cannot go understated. Every show begins with his iconic voicing stating “This is Jeopardy!” Another excellent and equally legendary contribution was how he always introduced Alex Trebek. Now, he brings the same energy to introducing the guest hosts for each episode.

Jeopardy! is obviously in a weird place after losing Trebek in November of last year. Now, though, as Gilbert’s 93rd birthday approaches, people are worried about how the show will feel without him.

The game show will certainly be very different without the long-time announcer at its helm. While Jeopardy! fans try to guess who will be the next permanent host, make sure you take time to appreciate the work that Johnny Gilbert does for each episode.