‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Reveals Which Classic Alex Trebek Word He Tried to Get Right in Latest Episode

by Jon D. B.

The interim ‘Jeopardy!’ host even shares a fantastic montage of Alex Trebek pronouncing the word. Fans of the late host (see: everyone) won’t want to miss this.

Know which word we’re talking about already? Sharp ‘Jeopardy!’ fans just might. Much like Trebek’s beloved catchphrase, “Good for you,” there’s one word the host never failed to give his signature flair to. And on the latest episode, interim host and Trebek protege, Ken Jennings, is giving it a shot for the first time:

“I take a whack at saying “genre” on today’s @Jeopardy. Hope I did all right for my first time…” Jennings posts to Twitter. Within, he retweets the phenomenal montage of Trebek pronouncing ‘genre’ during his ‘Jeopardy!’ tenure.

The montage comes courtesy of fellow champion Alex Jacob. Jacob is a ‘Jeopardy!’ All-Star, 2015 Tournament of Champions winner, and 2006 ESPN US Poker Champ. What a rep! In his own words, Jacob “spent way too much time putting together this video of Alex Trebek saying the word “genre,” so now you have to RT it. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

Looks like Ken Jennings plays by the rules! But we knew that already.

So what’s up with Alex Trebek’s unique pronunciation of ‘genre’? Most likely, 99% of English speakers are saying it wrong – and Trebek is saying it right!

Alex Trebek was famously bilingual: he was fluent in both English and French. The word ‘genre’ is a borrowed English word from French, meaning ‘kind’ or ‘style.’ When Trebek would pronounce it, he would do so with the correct French annotation. Now you know!

From ‘Genre’ to ‘Good for You’: Jennings Honors Trebek on Jeopardy

While we wait for Jennings’ “genre” debut to air, let’s take a look at his handling of another Trebek signature: “Good for You!”

Taking to Twitter recently, Jennings recounts a flub that brought a smile to his face – and Alex Trebek right back to the show.

“BREAKING TV NEWS,” he lampoons himself on the social media platform. “On today’s Jeopardy, for the first time, I get so stumped by a contestant’s interview story that I am forced to borrow a patented Alex “Good for you!”

What a gem. Longtime fans of the show will instantly recall the joy of seeing Alex Trebek respond to more perplexing contestants with his trademark retort. We did, after all, watch him wield it for near 40 years.

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