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‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Based His Outfit Choices on the Temperature of the Game Show

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Peggy Sirota/ABC via Getty Images)

Ken Jennings has an impressive resume. He’s the highest-earning gameshow contestant in history. At the same time, he’s the longest-running Jeopardy! champ. Jennings has also penned a dozen books. Each of those books is just a glimpse into the depth of his trivia knowledge. On top of that, he has competed on as well as hosted a handful of other game shows. Outside of his well-deserved claim to fame, he is also a great presence on Twitter and s snappy dresser.

If you’re old enough to remember the comedies of the 80s and early 90s. you remember the archetypal nerd. He was super smart. However, that’s where it ended. He was clueless when it came to fashion or grooming. Ken Jennings is one of many incredibly smart (and fairly nerdy) guys to step forward and smash that mold. With his wealth of knowledge and snarky sense of humor, Ken Jennings would have probably fit in well with movie nerds of the past. However, his keen fashion sense would definitely set him apart.

Ken Jennings doesn’t just roll out of bed dressed to the nines, though. Some serious thought goes into what he wears. In a recent virtual reunion with fellow Jeopardy! GOATs, Ken talked about part of his outfit selection process while on the classic quiz show.

How Ken Jennings Picks an Outfit for Jeopardy!

The discussion of Ken Jennings’ outfit selection starts with the GOATs watching a clip of Jennings answering a Daily Double. During the clip, Jennings blows into his cupped hands and rubs them vigorously together. After discussing the agonizing process of answering the question, fellow Jeopardy! GOAT James Holzhauer asked Ken if he had to warm up his hands.

Holzhauer added that the Jeopardy! set is “notoriously cold. He asked if Ken Jennings was trying to get his blood flowing. Jennings agreed that the set is always cold. He added that he always makes sure to wear an undershirt when he takes the iconic quiz show stage.

Ken Jennings flexes both his fashion sense as well as his sense of humor as the conversation continues. James Holzhauer is sporting a suit jacket, V-neck undershirt, and tie for the virtual reunion. Jennings can’t help but rib his fellow Jeopardy! GOAT for his outfit choice.

Ken Jennings jokingly told James Holzhauer that, if he wanted, he could check out YouTube for instructions on how to properly wear an outfit like the one Jennings was sporting.